History of tunica stretching

How do we know that we can stretch the tunica to make gains?

When I’m looking back and watch the history of Thundersplace, I found out that in the beginning everybody was talking about lig gains. Hanging was popular and everybody was hanging btc. Then we found out that btc is not working for all or better not for the majority of the users here. Bib came up then with his LOT theory and said there is no need to worry, you can stretch/hang at the upper angle to stretch the tunica and therefore making some real nice gains, may be it’s harder but you can do it. Everybody was happy again.

The problem is only, that it seems there were not so many guys gaining from upper angle hanging; you can read it in the hanger forum. I only know about may be 4-5 vets who gained from ots hanging. Some more gained from fulcrum stretching.

It seems also, that Bib never really hanged in the OTS position, he always stated that he was hanging 80% of his hanging time at BTC or downward, when he was fatigue he changed to straight out or OTS. He said he was hanging 17x 20 min average, 2 sets in 1 hour from 7 to 4, so basically this would mean that he only hang 3-4 sets in an angle which is not hitting the ligs. It also seems that you need more weight to hang at the upper angle, but Bibs max weight at ots was 25 pounds and his max weight at btc was over 40 pounds.

So how do we know that tunica stretching and hanging is really working and why we are hanging at the upper angles?

Please, let us not talk about gains in the range from 1 inch, because it is pretty obvious that these gains are possible.