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History of PI's for newbies

History of PI's for newbies

Guys I see a lot of newbies get confused about this (like I did, I pm sparky about this one), so in my 7 or 8 months of PE I have a clearly example of using PI to get benefits, I will tell them.

I start PE in November of 2006, I tried 2 times routines but I always stopped because my erections always loses his strenght, First I started with a 200 jelqing, 2on/1off and stretches (I don’t remember the routine), one week later I was having some difficulties to have sex with my GF (by that time I already kegel so my erections was very strong), then I quit PE for 2 weeks and started again (my erections and wood morning was strong again I could have normally sex), in January I start with the same routine again, one week later I was having problems with having sex with my GF, I was sad and reading through this whole site, I thinked “hell I want a big dick but I don’t want to lose my erections for that”, I was also having problems for maintain my dick erect while jelqing, I quited PE for 1 month I think, and there where was my erections was great and strong again, this time I found out about PI’s and after a lot of read I decided to give some attention. This time I started again my routine, but only 50 jelqs, 1on/1off, I did this 50 jelqs for one whole month, switching only days first week 1on/1off, second week 2on/1off and so on, and I was happy because my erections was more strong than normal ones (with kegeling) and my dick WAS GROWING, I stick with this routine until July where I decided to give stretch one more chance (I don’t know what in that time was blowing my erections, but I think was stretch).

In July I was with my 300 jelqs, two handed (I started with only one) 6on/1off, I was thinking “hell I must add some stretches, because I am seeing more girth than lenght gains”, so I did, 400 jelqs, two handed, and 50 reps of JAI stretch (guys when I stared I was doing a lot more than that) today I am with that routine, my erections it’s like hell, I jelq and my erections do not fade away, in sex my GF was scary about my girth and my erection and my dick is slowly growing (I am a hard gainer), any question?

Did you notice any changes in your flaccid hang after workouts or throughout the course of the day?

Originally Posted by Phyriel
Any question?

No questions. This is a classic example of the successful use of PIs. Phyriel gained because he adjusted his routine based on how his body was reacting.

How can you argue with better erections and improved size?

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Wangchun I will put in a practice way for you, man before I started this whole PE thing I has embarrassment of my flaccid, today when I finish sex and I am a little while down, I start rubbing my flaccid in my GF face and she love it’s. I am more confident in my size, this days I was having some booze with my friends and they started talk about size (PS: a sister of my friend was in the room), I have thoughted “hell, if someone wants me to show my dick it doesn’t even need to be erect”. It’s normal to have a long and chubby flaccid after your exercises, but I think that’s a light Positive PI.

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