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History of PE

History of PE

How does this sound for a forum idea: Discussing any available information about the beginning and evolution of PE from distant past to present? As well as being entertaining, I think this could help some who still struggle with the idea that PE really works.

My first venture into PE is probably why I did not take it seriously for so long. A couple of years back, I paid double price for the “Jojido” method because of the shady website’s lousy online payment/delivery. Of course they would not refund my money :-( While there are some legitimate exercises in this document, the majority of it is utter bullshit about “divine” meetings with oriental penis samarai masters etc. I simply could not believe that this crap was for real, therefore I could not believe it would work. As DLD and others have said, you have to believe in order to have the dedication to stick it out and see results.

So this could be one popular “myth” that can be exposed or proven - the jojido manual claims that the “jelq” exercise is only a poor imitation of the true Jojido “milking” technique, and that the story of it being ancient Arabic origin is a fabrication. Further, that the term “jelq” was simply a bastardization of “jerk” as in “jerking off” and was coined by college guys practicing their “inferior” jelqing technique. I definitely believe that the Jojido story is complete hogwash. Does anyone know of any information about the origin of “jelq” and other exercises? I will begin searching as well, and report anything I find here.


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Maybe Dino will chime in...

But i think it had something to do with Al Gore…

See Ya,


Who else would you expect other than the man that single-handedly created the internet ???

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This is me in case you ever want to know what kind of psycho you're dealing with.

wasnt Gore responsible for the whole “macarena” craze thing too.


Yes it’s true that Al Gore did invent the Internet but he did not invent PE but he did bring PE to the people via the early Internet and invent almost all modern PE exercises. In fact he started the first pe forum with a 300 board modem and a original IBM pc with 128k ram. During his college days he was known for being the big man on campus and was already sporting a 9 inch penis that’s where he met his wife who was a size queen, little did his friends know that when Al was doing his home work and inventing the Internet he had 25 pounds hanging from his dick with a special hanger he invented that looks very much like the Bib hanger. Rumor has it that he reached 10x7 and just does some light jelqing now. Another rumor is that this forum is the one and the same pe forum that was started in that dorm room so many years ago.


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