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High level erection jelqs


The only way I’ve made gains at all is by being aggressive. I did PE for a couple months about 2 yrs. Ago & made no progress other than erection gain & gave up. Then upon finding another site & finally gaining membership to this one ( they don’t take new members for a while!) & really putting effort, I’ve made gains finally. Now that I’m conditioned, wet jelqs at almost full erection seem to be the thing that really works the shaft, & it only heightens my erection level later. The best is the 2 handed, clamping the shaft at the base with one hand & jelqing with the other, immediately grabbing the base with the jelqing hand & repeating, you can see & FEEL the blood being concentrated in the shaft. Man, my wang feels strong after those!

For me, my erections seem to be stronger because of the fact that I do jelq at 100% or close to it at all times. I honestly don’t reap any benefits from jelqing at a lower erection other than feeling like I am not doing anything. My opinion is that you are optimizing the stretch (girth in this case) when you jelq at a higher erection. Kinda like pumping or clamping: the more erect you are, the bigger expansion you will get. I know that guys here talk about lower erection jelqs for length and higher erection jelqs for girth. For me, I have gained both from the latter of the 2. It could just be me though.


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