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Hi there:

Hi there:

I’m thinking of changing my current routine.What do you think of this routine:
Warm up
10x1 BTC stretches (increasing to 20x1)
20-30mins of jelq
50 5sec kegels
I’m thinking of something like this.What do you think?Should I change something or it is ok?
I’ve been PEing 6months and change is what I need for sure.Til now I was doing only inverted stretches because of my low LOT( attacking the tunica ofcourse).But a few guys told me that I’ve shold’ve attack the ligs first nomather what.So now I planning to do that.

Thanks in advance guys:)

If your current routine is giving you gain, stay with it. If you hit a plateau, changing routine often causes a positive response.

Those who believe firmly in LOT theory will tell you one thing. Those who do not will give you different advice. You should decide how committed you are to LOT theory and go from there.



Aha thanks man.So if I go for this routine it’s ok isn’t it?I’m gonna give it a shot.Maybe I’ll be with this routine for 4weeks and if I don’t see any gains I’ll back to the old inverted-stretches routine.


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