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hi-tech (?!?!) routine...

hi-tech (?!?!) routine...

HI guys!!! I`ve being peing for a coouple of months…I don`t know if my gains are real cause I didn`t ge bp measurements at first (around 1,5 cm length, anyway) but I`d like to post my suggestions, anyway, useless as they may be….

first of all I think that when we talk to somebody just starting we should talk to him about PRESSURE while jelqing…you should sense your blood expanding your dick, almost (I SAID ALMOST ) hurting you at every stroke, shouldn`t you??? anyway…on a couple of weeks`s time I will have saved money enough to buy a jes extender and a bib`s hanger….and I will try a routine I have being thinking of for a while…

so…my ideal routine would be:

wake up and (after a warm up) do 50 dld blasters, 300 jelqing strokes, 5 uli`s 1 horses x 10 and then put the jes on for the whole day, go back home after work, studying or whatever and use the bib`s for 3 x 20 mins sets, than put the extender back for 3 hours…..

….if I had enough money I would introduce a pump before the jelqing as well…..but I haven`t…..

what do you think about it? I think I will try it anyway but your opinion on that would be highly apreciated!!!!

I often thought of doing that..(a little bit of every ex i can think of plus pump and hang)a bit. If i had the money id get both pump and bib.

The rotine would be…

10 min of 5 stretches(the best 5 lol)each
15 minutes 50% jelq

1hr fowfer

1hr hanging

Then later in day…

15 min 75% jelq
10 min horses
10 min ulis
1 hr pumping session.

yup…anyways thats a good good luck

Re: hi-tech (?!?!) routine...

Originally posted by Marduk
what do you think about it? I think I will try it anyway but your opinion on that would be highly apreciated!!!!

It sounds very thourogh…you may even have the luxury of trimming it back a bit once you see what type of results you yield. The way you described the “sense the blood” in the jelq part of your post…I could not agree more. I think you should keep a very good record in the routines or progress section to how this works out. Good Luck

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