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Hi! (Stretching questions)

Hi! (Stretching questions)


1st time post.. :)

Surprisingly…it took me quite some time to find out that
Jelqing is rather for *girth* and if you want more length you either do hanging or stretching !

I think this info is essential since i did jelqing for about a month (did not measure anyting yet :) …and in my opinion a good gain in length has more priority than a gain in girth ! I can imagine having the same length and gaining an inch of girth may even make the thingy “look” shorter….and usually “Jelqing” is always associated with “growth of the penis”….but noone really mentions that its NOT really an exercise for length. (Except if you find a good website like this and do searches :)

So…i switch my priorities from jelqs to stretching….which brings up a question where i didnt find an answer:

Is it ok to bend it *sidewards* too ? Eg, doing the V-stretch with the thumb helping to “bend” it downwards…then a turn to the right and bend it so it bends/curves on the side…and another one streching it to the left and bending it sidewards/outwards.
The V-stretch description only talks about using the finger/thumb to push *down*..but as said you can do the same thing on the side ?

Anyone ?

Then i have a question regarding the breaks. I was in confusion because of some misinformation i thought its better to keep jelqing as much on a day as possible…..whenever there is an opportunity….but now my information says that a day off or so is essential to “heal” and let the actual growth be happen ?

Can anyone give advice about the daily frequency and pauses/breaks..what would be ideal ? (Currently 6 on/1 off for me)

Personally for me i see a lube jelq more “comfortable” and easier to do than dry manual/v stretching. I have some probloems with the right grip…and jelqing just ‘feels’ like it does more than the occasional stretches i do.

Anyay…i’ll proably go with a routine now like 70% stretches/occasional jelqs and maybe one/two days off.

The last time i measured (BPEL) before i started PE about a month ago was 6.5”..first goal is of course 7” and everything over….7.5” or 8” would be fantastic :)

Thanx for such a cool forum !!!!! It’s hard to get good information about that subject on the net :)

Welcome! Go ahead and modify V-stretch into anything your mind can produce. I’ve probably got at least a dozen modifications from regular v-strethes. So, it’s ok to bend it sidewards, upwards and anything between with different grips, that’s my experience.

And what comes to rest days. I do always have a rest day after longer/more intense workouts, because it takes longer to heal e.g. if I jelq/squeeze for half an hour or more I take day off… then jelquing for 15-20 minutes - penis probably won’t need a day off to recover.

these are just my general opinions bout PE.

A Man behind his mask.

I’m pretty new to this forum as well and started about 1 month ago. I have been doing both jelqing and stretching each about 15=20min 3 on 1 off. I would like to increase both length and girth. Should I be focusing on the length first? If so, what else can i do besides stretching/hanging? Does this also mean that I should stop jelqing altogether?

Any advice would be much appreciated

thanks again,



I see the assertion that jelqing is a girth only exercise. This is wrong. If done at 40-50% erection you will get primarily length.

At 60-70% a balanced length and girth effect. at > than 70% mainly girth, but this is an advanced exercise and risky for injury so keep it between 40-70% and with time you should see a balanced length girth gain.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

thats funny because i was thinking about that today !

The point is that it gets quite stretched even with normal jelqs, like you said if you keep it at or below 50% i *think* its like a combination of jelqs/stretches. (It gets ‘pulled out’ all the time which makes me believe it should be benefitial for length too)

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