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Hi RoomToGrow (routine questions)


But doing 1000 jelqs a day just feels really cool to type. :D Your idea has merit. I will give it a shot.


I know it sounds cool, but what would you rather have…..something that sounds cool, or something that looks cool? Ya numbskull ;)

Okay, I got to say, y’all’s similar avatars are creeping me out. Who is that in yours, XL?

[I’m attaching the avatars so the french-speaking, upright-walking racoons who will take over the Earth after the apocalypse will know what I’m referring too. (Their religion will involve worship of tupperware containers full of cat food placed on shrines that look sort of like my back porch.)]

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That’s General Grievous there Ike. He a nasty, four-saber-wielding villan in Episode III.




Do not read if you don’t want to know ANYTHING about Ep III (Star Wars)

Yeah General Grievous is in the upcoming Episode III on May 19th. Many Jedis shall fall to him, even some main characters (hush hush). It is true, he brandishes four light sabers.

Dog Darth <——- :wtf:


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