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Hi, new poster/thought...

Hi, new poster/thought...

Hi, I’m new and decided to voice myself. I’m wondering if anyone ever tried a sock as a hanger… What I do is basically, put a sock around my penis and get some rubber bands and tighten it a little.. then u put some weights into the sock and u have a sort of hanger.. anyone ever try it?

I heard this is very dangerous. You can damage the bundle of nerves right behind the gland. I believe theres a thread in the hangers forum that goes more in-depth. Or try a search on sock hanger.


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I started a thread called “hanging with a sock”. It should be on this page or the next one. A bunch of people told me it was dangerous. There was one other guy though who it seemed to work for though. I only actually tried it for a couple days, then stopped because I thought it was doing some damage. I’m not really sure if it was doing damage or not, but I stopped anyway. It only takes like an hour to make your own bib hanger, so you might as well do that.

The sock hanger is a very old concept. Apparently everyone who toys with the idea of hanging independently thinks the same thought. I don’t think that you could hang more than a pound or two with this method, but it may help someone decide if hanging is a possibilty for them.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

It actually doesn’t hurt, it’s just your glans will get cold and numb fast and there’s chance of nervedamage.

I actually started with tieing 1 and later 2 socks just below my glans giving lot’s of skinburns (I’m uncut). Bad idea!


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