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Hi! Check Out My Routine...

Hi! Check Out My Routine...

hi guys….I am new here, but not to the world of PE. I started about 3 months ago, and I am pretty happy.

I started at 6.4 NBPEL, and 5.5 girth
Right now I am at 6.7 nbpel, and 6 girth.

Here’s my routine. I Excercise about 5/4 days a week, and here’s what I do:

warm up

stretches in every direction for 1 min30 sec
v stretch for 1,30 and A streatch for 1,30

wet jelquin: 500/600 reps

at the end, I masturbate so that it becomes really erect and I come close to ejaculaton for at least 5 times, but I stop.

warm up

Now, is this enough, or should I do more?

I would like to gain more legth, and was considering hanging. WOuld you suggest that? Also, is hanging better than the penismaster?

thanx a lot for your help :)

Damn, 1/2 of girth in two months is great. It took me almost 6 to get that.

Your routine seems to be working for you, but you can modify it in the future for better results.

Check out this thread:

A Quickstart Guide to Manual Exercises

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I used the Penimaster and did get good gains, however due to some injury problems I switched to hanging (Bib Hanger).

See my post on problems:

Penimaster users beware

Re: Hanging

I think hanging is the best way to get gains but the most difficult way to understand, well at least in the beginning. There is a large learning curve with a hanger. It requires a lot of reading in the beginning.

The cost factor is another. You will incur some cost getting a hanger. whether it is the big chunk for an amazing production model or the few bucks and time to make your own. There are many hangers on these boards. You have the production Bib in two forms as well as instructions for these to make your own. There is the Captain’s Wench, the chicken choker, Piet’s Hanger, and Super Size me is working on a home made one too. There are others that escape me naming them right now too.

The Pm is a nice device, the only drawback is the noose end. A few people have modified this and posted plans for it on here. Basically buy a PM and then go to the local hardware store. Wearing it constantly is a bitch for some.

So you have to decide really what your schedule is and how much time as well as privacy concerns when buying one of these.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

hey guys…..thank you very very much for your help!

I think I will go with hanging rather than the penis master, ‘cause I have the feeling that there are too many problems with the penismaster.

however, I am concerned about something. I’ve seen many pictures of people who use to hang, and I always notice that the skin in their pubic area loses its elasticity and tends to go over the base of the penis, like what happens to very overweight people. This in one way makes sense because of the pulling. But does it happen to everybody, and is there any way to avoid this? ‘Cause it’s very bad to see.

thanx :)

ps: is 5 days pf jelqin enough or should I do them everyday?

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