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Hey you 48 guests!


Hey you 48 guests!


There are 48 of you on right now, sign up, stop being a one way vacum of information. Start posting and giving something back for all the free knowledge your getting. Right now your just sucking up free info and slowing down the server for the rest of us. This is just my way of telling you to become a member and enlighten us with your wisdom.


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Not only that dino… but how about those guys that joined the forum just to lurk in the members only forums??? Get off your asses guys and post, everyone has something to contribute to the cause no matter how crazy,dumb, or stupid you may think it is. It’s how this forum operates and it’s the only way we can help and learn from each other.


You tell them b1, one of you guys could be the next Bib so get with the program. We have doctors, lawyers and who knows who on this board. So get yourself a yahoo email and sign up. No one will know who you are.


To all of the 3600 non posting members

Dino is right on. We do have an over abundance of lurkers.

Click on “members”

Sort by number of posts

You will see 237 pages (with 20 members on each page)

You only have to go down to page 55 before you see members with 0 (ZERO) posts.

That means (237-55)*20= members that have not posted a single word, starting with Patman (9/9/2001) and ending with tnow (2/17/2003). Not picking on you guys, just stating the facts.

The non posting member population is >3600.


PS: Would someone please double check my math. Thx

be back soon

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Alright, you convinced me

I am admittedly one of the lurkers…I joined about a month ago and I have been soaking up as much as possible. My personality is to read and observe…learn the ropes before I jump in. In other words I want to grow a big dick…not look like one (joke).

I fooled around with PE a couple years back. I paid $50 for one of those pay sites and did not stick with it long enough to realize any significant gains. Then about 3 months ago I bought a pump and pumped for a while only to drop another $50 on another pay site. From the pay site I somehow found my way here. I haven’t been back to the pay site since I found Thunders Place. It is much easier to have faith in something when you can see it work for others. I have a hard time believing the “testimonials” on the pay sites.

While studies show me to be a little bit above average (6.5”x 5”), I would like more. I have a shaving cream can that is 8” x 6”. That is my goal.

Now that I truly believe I can make my dick bigger I have started working on my goals. From the past attempts at PE, which included pumping, manual stretching and jelging I tried to hit the ground running and got a thrombosed vein. I worked around it and it went away after about 7 days. My routine is very loose, I do a combination of hanging and manual stretching for length… and jelging and squeezes for girth. I also use a heating pad before and after workouts. I spend over an hour each day in the evening. Some days shorter some days longer…depending how my body feels.

Anyway…thanks for giving me the push to finally contribute.


January 21, 2003
BPEL : 6.75”
NBPEL : 6.5”
EG (mid shaft) : 5”

NBEL : 8”
EG (mid Shaft) : 6”

Theres one, any more want to come out?


Welcome Mike I’m glad you got that first one out of the way. You should post your stat’s on sizes chart, I think the link is at the bottom of the page. Keep posting. And there is nothing wrong with lurking for a while and reading and learning. I remember a long time ago when I was a newbie on the original peforum and I just rushed in and asked really stupid questions like how you Jelq and who can forget this one Does this shit work? Well after the vets bitch slapped me, I took some time and read the post’s and learned a little. Than I was smart enough to rephrase my does this shit work question.


Yes----Welcome Mike

We’re glad to have you posting.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!


Thanks for posting and sharing your story. Welcome!!

be back soon

I joined and posted the very day I turned 18!

__I had to, damn injury had my PE career threatened ‘till you guys stepped in and replied to my post :) —- Thanks guys! :up: now I can PE ‘till i’m six feet under! :D

Loved going to Cuba! :)

I'm surprised that Americans can't go because their government says they can't!


Glad we helped, and it looks like you returned the favor and helped a few newbies to


Ok...You talked me into posting

I started PE about 3 months ago (Nov, 1st, 2002) was at 6.75 X 4.75 nbp now 3 months later 7.25 x 5 nbp.

I ‘am using the power jelker (15 minutes a day) then squeezes, then stretching on a 5 x 2 schedule, 30 minutes a day.

My ex girlfriend told me I was small, and it pissed me off and did some emotional damage. So I started looking at and studying PE.

Thanks to you guy’s I got some excellent advise and ideas on how to do it. I also joined “Big Al” PE site and read and try to follow his directions.

Because of my ex girlfriend telling me I’am small I have no intentions of quitting, since I have found that it works. I also use the Apollo stretcher (1 pound stretcher kinda like a bike hanger).
No others females are going to tell me I’am small, that’s my motivation…Gotta get pissed off and do something about it. She was a cunt by the way.

Thanks guy’s for all your help. New member Montana


Welcome to the forum, sounds like you had one cold hearted bitch there huh. When you get huge fuck her best friend!


Re: Ok...You talked me into posting

Originally posted by montana
[B]I started PE about 3 months ago (Nov, 1st, 2002) was at 6.75 X 4.75 nbp now 3 months later 7.25 x 5 nbp.
My ex girlfriend told me I was small, and it pissed me off and did some emotional damage.

Well, firstly I must say being at 6 1/2” x 5” NBP must be micro-penis size according to your exes scale! :(
What a bitch!
_It was probably not the size of your dick but rather she was angry at you for something else and just used the penis size excuse knowing that it would hurt if she said it.
__Or she is just one loose slutty ho that eventually fu*king her will be like fu*king a bucket of water lol :D

Anyways, with those measurments being NBP you were safely above average and the size you are now you are at and above the ‘large’ status.

Also, I would have to agree that it would have done some major emotional damage.
_I’d say just bundle all that emotional damage and shove it up her loose cunt.
__Even then it probably wouldn’t even get her off because her pussy that god damned sloppy!
… Just mucking around :)


Loved going to Cuba! :)

I'm surprised that Americans can't go because their government says they can't!

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Hi guys and gals

this is my first post so be gentle :)

i started peing in october 2002 and have gone from 5.75”ebpl to 7”ebpl, and from 5.25girth to almost 6” girth. my flacid length has gone from 3” to 5 “.

my routine varies according to availabe time, but usually includes jelqing, squeezes and manual stretches (dld blasters and jai stretches…..thanks guys these excercises were gr8). 5 days a week for about an hour a day.

Being relatively new to PE i don’t have any great wisdom to share…… but i’ll try to give my opinion on certain topics from now on.

thanks for all ur knowledge……..u guys have all been gr8.

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