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good to hear rom you, keep posting!

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


bmt said: i started peing in october 2002 and have gone from 5.75”ebpl to 7”ebpl, and from 5.25girth to almost 6” girth. my flacid length has gone from 3” to 5 “. and Being relatively new to PE i don’t have any great wisdom to share…

You just did! Researching, planning, consistency of technique and a small investment in time each day will bring results. That is your wisdom and for those of us just beginning our PE journey, I thank you!


Your doing great! nice gains. You should put your stats over at sizes data base. And if you have time you should post your routine because it’s working very well!


thanks for the encouragement.
my stats should already be there…….. i might just have to update them.

my routine is as follows:

5 min warm up
20 minute jelq….
during the jelq i also do some dld bends and horse squeezes
5 minute warm wrap
10 minutes manual stretches
15 minutes dld blaster
couple of mintes jai stretches

i do this routine 5 days a week then 2 days rest. I think i’ve reached a plateau. Can’t get over 7”ebpl. Tried taking time off (up to 2 weeks) but still no change. Maybe i need to change routine?


Thanks, don’t get discouraged if your gains come slower now alot of guys get fast gains especially guys in there 30’s or older. Because our dicks are in bad shape and the pe exercises bring them back to there original size. Sounds like you need a little break and maybe refresh the workout a little. Sometimes when I’m going to take a break I do a shock routine right before the break it’s just a really long workout. My gains come really slow now I used to gain about .25 every 3-4 months. But lately it takes me longer I’m hoping some of dld’s stuff will get me a faster gain.


hey dino….thanks for the interest

I am 20 so its not like my penis was out of shape……before pe i used to do kegels which kept me in pretty good shape. My whole gains came in the first couple of months….i was quite impressed actually. But now i’ve grinded to a halt. i’ve taken two weeks off but to no avail. i’m now looking into a new routine.

my girlfriends been pretty impressed. We’d usually do stuff in my car at night so she couldn’t notice much of a change due to the darkness. However the other day she saw my tool in proper light and her jaw dropped!!! she told me it was huge… much bigger than she actually thought it was :) that was quite a gr8 motivation for me. I ended up telling her about pe coz i don’t like keeping anything from her, and she’s been ok with it.

I haven’t gained since and i’m becoming quite desperate, especially since she’s abroad 4 a couple of months and i’m sure when she come back she will be curious to see if anything has changed :) i think i’ve put myselft under 2 much pressure!

Maybe its because i had such quick initial gains that now my expectatins are too high. But the look on her face was enough to keep me going :)

anyway sorry for rambling….
dino i’ve read many of ur posts and ur a great guy….hope u get all u wish 4 esp out of pe.


It may be time to either take a pe break or step up your routine if you seem to have hit a wall.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


Great story about your girl makes it all worth while, and don’t sweat it the gains will come just maybe slower. If you have some time you should pick up the bib it’s a great piece of equipment.



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