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Hey Thunder????


Hey Thunder????

I meant to tell you this a while back but never got to it. I’ve tried on numerous occasions to donate to this forum via my master card, but because I am not a US citizen and dont have a US address, it wont go through. Why???

Ive tried at least 3-4 times already!!!!!

Should I just send a money order or what??

I really appreciate this forum and would encourage anyone who hasnt already donated, to do so.


Hey kabar,

I think memento has figured the Paypal thing out. Hopefully he will post and enlighten us. I tried finding a way to donate through Paypal, without actually joining Paypal, and could not figure out how to do it.

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Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

kabar, are you in one of these countries?

To donate your $100 to thunders outside the US

1. Click on Donate link at the bottom of the page.
2. Fill in the amount ($200)
3. Click on ‘If you have never paid through PayPal, Click Here’
4. Click on ‘Outside the U.S?’ by the zip box
5. Fill in credit card and email details.

Should be obvious from there. This will create a paypal account and process the $300 donation (once email confirmation has been done).

or go here to open an international account and then log in to the paypal account when you donate your $400.

You do have to create a paypal account but you don’t have to wait for confirmation of payment methods (via the code on the $1.95 charge to your visa card when you join), if I said you don’t need to create an account I was wrong.

no problem, I would have answered without your prompt :) In fact If I wasn’t currently using a beta of opera the reply would have turned up earlier.

OK I understand, but I am not from any of the listed countries. Should I just send a money order, and to which address?

nb. dont know about $400 memento. My login name is kabar, not kabank…….


ok, fair enough. I’m sure whatever you can afford will be fine with thunder, it doesn’t have to be $500.

If your mastercard is issued from a bank outside your country, you can probably get away with making up an address in that country (unless cc no. -> address mapping is in place). If its an international bank sometimes there is no easy way to determine the country of origin (and hey, you could have moved), so picking a country with no real understanding of zip codes might work for a fabricated address. I’d experiment, its not like you need a shipping address :D

Other than that I guess you’ll have to wait for the oft mentioned PO Box ;)

Thunder, have you thought of alternate electronic funding options? I guess you probably have,

true :( anypay are similar to paypal and seem to cover more countries but they are way more limited and people are used to paypal.

memento, I was wondering when you would get to $500.00, but hey, $600.00 is a lot of money and if I had the $700.00 I would gladly pay the $800.00.

I tried the US address with the zip code from the US company I work for but it didnt work.

Hey, I never thought giving away money was this hard.

yeah a US address isn’t likely to work, when donating your $900.

The bank that issued your card will probably have had a block assigned by mastercard and this can be used to tie down geography a bit by paypal. That said, using a country that doesn’t use zips often helps when making up an address.


Consider the interest you’ll earn on that 10 K if you hold it for a month.



I heard some guy named Kabucks just donated $1000. It makes my $500 look pretty small.

Damn, this is a competitive bunch!

be back soon

Not Kabucks, its Kabank…..I mean Kabar………I think…..

Avocet8, I mean you could have at least gone to 1K but 10K……what the hell are you trying to do to me, broke me…I mean 11K is a hellovalotta money to donate to a free PE forum. Looks like I may have to put my house up for sale now…thanks to you..friend….what do you think Thunder will do with the 12K…..

back to Dura Ace…dont feel too bad about your lil stingy $600.00 donation cause every hundred dollar counts, even if its a measly $700.00….

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