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Hey, Size...

Hey, Size...

your gonna hate me for this one! It’s not as if you didn’t have enough requests for data specifics in the measurement issue. However, one thing I’ve always pondered about L measurements and PE is where the measurements changed. I propose a new kind of measurement which I have yet to see in any data chart on PE. How about “bone-pressed shaft L to coronal ridge”. Maybe BP2CR or some other name. It’s easy to make a note of this while taking measurements on BPL and it will allow us to see if how much L gains are a result of better glans/CS engorgement and which are lig/actual shaft elongation. I’d be willing to bet some of the L gained in PE is a result of a slight displacement/new placement of the where the glans is situated at the end of the CC’s. IOW, if it just expands out a bit further. Wondered if some of the “head gripping” of manual stretching (or archaic loop hangers?) might effect this for some folks or perhaps just happens by better engorgement through exercise. Anyone have any thoughts, pro or con to this notion and if pro, what would be a good name? If it’s a go, it may help greatly in the next experiment and throughout data collection to sus out exercise/effects correlations. Granted, it will likely be a new data as I have never seen this type of measurement described before, but were all in this for the long haul and over time it might be interesting. groa

Good idea...

Hey Groa,

I think that is a good field to add to the PE database. It will also not be difficult to get that measurement, just have to write two numbers, that’s all. I agree, it would be interesting to “see” where the actual gain takes place, especially with someone who has just started PE.

What do you think Size?

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I can add that as an optional field. Hopefully the newer guys will be able to take advantage of it and we can see where the growth seems to occur the most.

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