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I was very impressed with your photos,can you please tell me what your pre P.E measurements were,and also what are the core exercises you do in your routine?.And would you have considered yourself a hard gainer girth wise?.Thankyou

Sorry Liquid, I guess I should have done a word search on my name… Eeesh.. I started out with approx 8” NBPEL x approx 6.5 @ the midshaft.. The way my penis is shaped the base girth is drastically larger then at the midshaft… I have been doing PE for 10 months and have only just started to see some real gains.. I started doing PE for my premature ejaculation problem.. It was bad enough that I could simply grab behind the head of my penis once it was hard, tighten my grip and shoot off right then and there!

Over the last couple of months I have been following DLD’s instructions and have noticed a gain in BPFL and base girth (though I don’t need any more added size there)… If you are interested in girth I would stick with squeezes and start pumping @ very low pressure (2 - 3 Hg’s)… Within a week you will see girth increase…

RWG, do you do one handed squeezes (uli) or horse 440 squeezes? Does 2-3 hg really have an effect, I pump with MUCH more.

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I’m not sure what a “440” is but this is what I have been doing..

Get as hard as I can, with my right hand I grab the head area making sure my hand and fingers cover the area (s) near the head I’ve had problems with.. I start squeezing the head area first.. Next, I grab right at the base lightly then kegal as hard as I can then squeeze like hell, slowly pushing both hands towards each other, sometimes with a minor bend thrown in for good measure…

I pump at 2-3 Hg for as much as an hour on my light jelq days…


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