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Hey, long time no type...

Good to hear from you man. You were always among the top 4 or so gainers, and I always avidly followed your posts. That’s a great story, and obviously redhot (you lucky guy).

I honetly figured you would’ve gained an extra inch or so by now. Just goes to show that gains slow for everybody and, eventually, stop for everybody. I would definitely recommend the hanging AND manual - both. I’ll bet your gains will jumpstart. But, there’s obviously only so much growth we can get; which, of course, varies from one guy to the next. But 3.5” of extra EL is fantastic. I’d be happy to achieve 60% of that gain - which I haven’t yet.

Hope you can stick around more this time.

- w a d

Thanks for the motivation. I’ve been having a tough time. I’m glad to hear how well 8.5-9” ebpl is performing.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

The dick-fairy does exist!!!

Great news and both you and especially the wife are enjoying the results. I love how you brought her into the process and will even let her set your ultimate size.

Beautiful stuff.


Thanks for all the kind words. Hopefully things will settle down here at work and I’ll be able to participate more soon.

I told my wife I was 8.5” as that was my last known measurement. However, with the combination of hanging and stretching I’m currently doing, I feel I’m much closer to 9”, but don’t want to measure until my length gets to where I want it visually.

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"Building a weapon of mass destruction" Started: 5.81" x 3.88" Now: 8.5" x 5.0" Goal: 9" x 6"


That was a great post. You have made super gains. I can’t wait till that shit happens to me. How long after you started PEing did your wife notice a difference in your penis?

What are you gonna do? Sic your dogs on me? Or your bees? Or dogs with bees in their mouth so when they bark they shoot bees at me? I think Mr. Smithers picked me for my motivational skills. Everyone always says they have to work twice as hard when Im around! Its not easy to juggle a pregnant wife and a troubled child, but somehow I managed to squeeze in 8 hours of TV a day. Getting out of jury duty is easy. The trick is to say youre prejudiced against all races. - Homer Simpson.

RB has just supplanted the Duke as my hero.

dive, dive, dive

I have to second whata1 on that one. RB, that was by far the best motivational piece of literature to date. I think you should just print one of those little mini books they have by the register sometimes in book stores entitled “Why PE is worth years of work,” by RB Cul De Sac (You can add an MD for additional authority now that you are Dr. Longleg).

Seriously, congrats on such a really fantastic experience and thanks for sharing what has definately made my week.

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Thanks for the kind words, guys :)

Maxwell wrote:

How long after you started PEing did your wife notice a difference in your penis?

At a 4” start girth, it took some time before she noticed my girth gains. For a long time, I was simply pinballing off her vaginal wall, I never felt full contact around my shaft until I was above 5.25” or so. I’ve only been able to fully engage her vagina in the past 6 months or so it seems. As for length, at 5” starting, it took some time until I was able to hit her deep, but the first time she noticed was about 6 months after I started, when she was on top, riding me. After a while, she stopped and reached back to feel my shaft. I asked her what she was doing, she just said “nothing”, but I knew she was wondering why I was no longer slipping out like I used to all the time in this position :) After that, I was able to get into her cds when the situation was just right, and she definitely noticed then :) , but now the light at the “end of the tunnel” is seriously warming my glans and she’s noticing big time :)

The past few days there have been a couple issues arise that in the past resulted in me being an asshole and her not wanting sex for quite some time, you know, normal husband and wife stuff. However, last night in bed, while our oldest was still up in her room (in the past I couldn’t even think about touching her boob if the kids were up), she grabbed my cock and started stroking it. I returned the favor and fingered her g-spt to an orgasm as she moaned how much she wanted me deep within her. I just smiled, and when she was done cumming laid back, and she jacked me off, lustily staring at my cock the whole time. Her hand just barely fits around my shaft, and she was really stroking my length. I haven’t had a hand job for several, several years, cause it’s “dirty” :)

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.


Welcome back! Sorry for taking so long to this most excellent post. What a triumphal return to the boards! This has to be the post of the year, if not the post of the decade. You’ve given a glimmer of hope to all of us, especially those of us like me with conservative, sexually repressed wives. It has to be extremely fulfilling to achieve both personal PE goals and desired changes to your sexual relationship. You deserve it after three years of stealth PE. I can only wish that I might end up in the same place.

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."

Welcome back RB, I’m glad that you rule your wife’s pussy now like you said you wanted last year.

Man, isn’t everyman’s dream to have a sexually repressed goody goody wife and turn her into your own personal vixen?

You deserve the results, for putting the effort in and for wanting it for all the right reasons. Good luck with the rest of your PE, and one piece of advice - Never light that candle!!


Thanks Guys… I’m blushing, really I am… :)

J, I had you in mind the whole time I was relaying this turn of events. Our wives seem very similar. I know in the past when you were asking for ideas to light her up, I thought and suggested that fucking the absolute shit out of her might do it. At the time I was secretly hoping that would do the trick for me as well. Brother, let me tell ya, it works…

I can’t remember where you are with things, are you still looking for gains? Length, girth? Both?

If I recall, wasn’t your wife taking some meds that killed her sex drive? My wife was on the pill until about 6 months ago, getting her off it has made a difference in her approachability, but as soon as I was able to grind her deep, I can have her anytime I want now :) I’d be happy to discuss things with you via pm if you’d like, unless you want to do it here for others to read, your call entirely.

I was home this lunch, we didn’t have time to fool around, but before I left I had to promise to fuck her hard tonight :) I didn’t cross my fingers when I agreed :)

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

I’m really happy for you bro, you are a great success story!!

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Its great to have girth

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