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hey horsehung what's your Kegel routine like?

hey horsehung what's your Kegel routine like?

hey horsehung what’s your Kegel routine like?

And can you tell me how a more powerfull PC muscle has helped you and what great advantages it has.



I kegel whenever I think about it now. When I first started PE, I kegeled in the car every day on my way to work (ten to fifteen minutes minimum).

Now, when I get an erection, for sex, or for PE, the kegel, (it only takes a half dozen or so now), gives me a half inch to an inch more length (BPEL), and a much more solid woody.

I love the fact that when I get a full blown woody, I can kegel and bob dicky up from ten to eleven o’clock. Shit!! I hadn’t been able to do that for many a moon before I started PE. :D

I use the kegel when I do my stretches and my jelqs, but only at the end of the movement to get the maximum length (BPEL) for the jelq, and bone pressed flaccid length for my stretch.

My flaccid length stretches are longer, (one half inch to an inch), when I kegel before I do the final stretch to measure, (this after many A and V stretches. So the kegel is an important adjunct to my daily routine.

I find now that if I kegel throughout the day, I can maintain my optimum flaccid hang: 8” x 6”. Some people say you can overdo the kegel. That has not been my experience. I know I can hold it for as long as I want now—five minutes or longer. But a short intense (two second) flex is what I normally use to rev up my flaccid hang or my BPEL.

Hope this is helpful, Kassit.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


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