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Hey Guests....


Hey Guests....

we have currently 13 !! guests on this board.

Guys, why don’t you sign up with us here? Instead of lurking in the background….

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike


Yeah, what Uncut said!

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Some of those guests might be member who haven’t logged in yet
when I check the board for good post’s I don’t login until I want to post if I don’t see anything I want to post on I just go on my way without ever logging in. I’m not even sure if I would show up as a guest if I’m not logged in but that seems to make the most sense.


Wise words


sometimes you make me laugh with your responses :up:

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Some may be shy

Even with the annonymity of this board, there are probably some men who are too shy to post any statement relating to our subject matter. They lurk just to get the info and then go on their merry way. Takes all types to make a world. The men on this board who post appear to be very serious about this issue and in order to take their programs to the next level it is boards like this with our input that help us all achieve that goal. Too bad the lurkers don’t understand that.

Come on!


Well I’ll just say “Hi.” Not lurking…. just found this sight the other day. Added my info to the database. Anyway ‘Hi’ everyone.


Now you have to get to work and grow your penis like the rest of us.

Growing "this is a long one" pun intended

Thanks for the ‘welcome and I guess you’re right. For the books I’ve been PEing for quite some time now. Never too regularly but I’ve tried many diff. types; pumps; jelq; weights all days, etc. On they up side they all worked, some better then others, some had super almost instant results (like pumps) but the ‘gain’ quickly faded, others took longer (like jelq and natural PE) but the ‘results’ stayed around longer. I think the most important thing is to find something that works for you, do it, then be done with it. If you spend half your day trying to get a bigger penis it doesn’t leave much time for life.

BTW, I started (like 4-5 years ago) at about 6 3/4” BPEL (bone pressed erect lenght) and am currently 8” BPEL; girth was 4 1/4”, now 5 to 6”(depending on ‘normal hardon’ or ‘max girth like during Uli’s); Flaccid was 4”, now 5.5”.

While I’m vey happy with my results, I’m sure that if I would have ever stuck with it for any amount of time they would be even better. Which brings me back to what I was saying earlier, ‘find something that works and stick to it.’ In the past I would spend sometimes all day PEing or reading about it etc,etc,etc. Now I’m married, I finally told my wife and she thinks it’s great! I spend on average 15-20 mins a day after having my shower and that’s it. I’m trying Tom’s ‘drumstick’ idea and so far it’s working great and Uli’s or jelq whatever I feel like. I don’t stress about missing a day here or there, as many have mentioned the extra days off help. However, if you stay completely off for an extended/long period of time that’s when you notice a loss of some/all (depending on what PE method your using) gains.

All that being said, now that my wife knows, and is “for it,” I find that I can be much more regular about my work outs. I’m not worrying about if she’s home or not, or if she’ll walk. She likes watching ;-) I still prefer to do it when she’s not around because I can focus better but, if I need to I can just take my shower then start jelqing. I’ve noticed gains over the last month or so now that I’m regular. Before I talked to my wife BPEL was 7.5 now I can reach 8” and my flaccid size is a steady 5 or better most of the time. My goal is to have 6” in girth and a regular EL (not BP) 8”. I’m almost there! Once I have that then who knows, maybe I’ll stop, maybe I won’t ;-) I’ll keep you posted.

Anyway, that’s my story. Hope I didn’t bore you all to sleep. I’m a terrible rambler but, I’ll try to work on shorter posts more often rather then one looooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg post.

Happy growing,


Hey FC,

Welcome aboard!! I look forward to many more of your “long” ones. Don’t apologize for long posts! If it takes a long post to say what you have to say, so be it.

What kind of “loss” did you experience over what period of time?

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Well let’s see:

Used a strap for a little while and didn’t see much other then a little in flaccid gains.

With the pump I was at a max of about 8 1/4 BPEL and around 6 girth. Took about a few months or so to get there from 6 3/4” x 4 1/2 - 3/4. That would only last for a few hours then I’d go to about 7.5 BPEL and 5 1/4 girth. Once I got there I kinda stopped PE for about ….. ummmm 7-12 months then was back to about 6 3/4 BPEL and 4 3/4 girth.

Weights: max was 7 3/4” BPEL x 4 3/4” . Took a couple months to get there. Got strecth marks and quite for about 6-9 months. Went down to around 7 ; 7 1/4” x 4 3/4

Learned about jelq and wanted to increase my girth and did that off and on ever sense. Never very regular or for very long maybe a month or two were I was really ‘sticking to it’ 5-6 days a week. I’d see gains, got up to like 7 1/2” BPEL x 5” Then I’d stop for awhile, couple months or so and see my flaccid size go to like 4 1/4 or less and I’d freak out and start jelqing again. But before I got married I really ‘go to it’ for awhile and got back to 7 1/2 EL x 5 1/4” that’s non-bone pressed. Then after I got married I didn’t have all that private time and after 2 years of on speratic jelqing down it when again to about 7” maybe even just under 7 x 5”. May flaccid was small again to maybe around 4 1/2”. My wife started to notice so I started Jelqing more often again while she was at work. Then I started adding ‘squeezes’ too and she really started to notice. That’s when I told her. She said she knew I was up to something and she liked it. That was a month or two ago and I’m back to my current 8” BPEL x 5 1/4” (or so) girth :-)


Hey FC,
That is a lot of fluctuation. When were you taking your measurements, right after a workout or a couple of days later?

I’ve been an on again, off again PE’er for well over a year and have never lost any of my modest gains.

Another member here quit for over a year and lost most of his hard earned 2” length gain. I guess it is different for different guys. Anyone else losing their gains after an extended period of time away from PE?

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in the beginning I was really sporadic about exercises and was doing them pretty much improperly….
but I did see some early gains…
since then, up untill a few months ago when I appeared on the BP forum, in that space of somewhere around a year or more, I had some small gains, and sometimes I took several weeks off at a time, but NEVER went backwards.
Firstclown, maybe you’ve been spending too much time in the tube? I dunno but some of the swell from that can stay around for days, and it can sort of ‘add up’ say if you do it every day for a week it will ‘grow’ by like 1/4 inch a day or whatever…
and you’re measuring, and thinking it’s grown but then you measure a few weeks later after no pump, and you’ve lost most of the ‘growth’ - because it wasn’t actual growth, just fluid retention or whatever…

just my opinion….
Not badmouthing pumping for what it is, it can be alot of fun, but I think it has very limited usage in actual PEing…

Simular thoughts

I don’t/ haven’t used a pump, all day strap or weights sense those first couple ‘trials’. My thought is simular, that the ‘gains’ were really greater stretch (sp? you’ll find I don’t spell to well w/o my spell check ;-) ) and fluid retention. However, I did seem to have some ‘real’ gains from the jelq/manual exercises as I started somewhere around 6 3/4” BPEL (this would be before I started any type of PE) and after two years off PE I was still at 7” EL 7 1/2” BPEL. The other part to this is that I feel like I had more time off then time on. Even before my two year leave (during which I only did jelq once in awhile) I was never too regular so, my ‘gains’ for the most part, would have been stretch rather then ‘real gains.’ I do think in the past, I tended to measure right after a workout which would also explain the fluctuations. I never really joined a group or reported to anyone so, hey it looked great at the moment so I measured ;-) However, now I’ve been taking more accurate measurements, waiting till everythings ‘back to normal’ then checking things out.

Now that I have the freedom to do these whenever I need to, I think I’ll be able to stick with it and hope to see more ‘real perminant gains.’ I’ve also gotton over some of my own personal stigma/guilt (don’t ask) about PE and found a good workout that fits my life and schedule, which I think will help too.

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