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pumping and weights

I agree with you on the pumping, it’s cool for what it is but in my opion it’s about ‘horse hung in minutes’ not long term gains. From my experience it’s goes away almost as quickly as it’s ‘gained.’

I didn’t do wieghts for very long but IMHO, if you’re going to do it at all, it needs to be used in combination with jelq. Otherwise you end up with a long slim penis. I think in combo with jelq would also increase the blood flow and vascularity which, IMHO, is a must for any long term gains.


you might not have noticed, and I didn’t at the time, but I accidently misspelled your name, firstcrown…

spellcheckers don’t have names though so I got an excuse hehe :)

name calling LOL

Thanks sickjay, OOppps hehehehe j/k secjay (I couldn’t resist) I figured it a typo. I was going to wait for your next reply to see if you caught it ;-)


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