Hey everyone!

OK, once again, my injury is healed 100%. I need some advice on a new routine. I will hang again, but for now I’m just going to do some stretching just to get into the rhythm of things and when I feel confident, I’ll put my bib on. If I’m right, my septum is my first limiting factor, ( My lot is about 7:00 ) determined by the fact that no matter which way I pull penis ( straight, up, down, left, or right ) I can feel it pull against whatever it is attached to before anything else. I’m still having big problems getting a really full erection,( Only had one, which was a few days ago, and I actually gained a half inch from hanging with the Wench ) but I also realized that at the time I hurt myself I also started smoking again, so I will drop the butts and pray that was just coincidence with my injury. The only information I could find on stretching the septum was SS4’s How to kill your septum. If anybody out there has anything to add please let me know.