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Hey Dance

Head cylinder

Well I bought the Kaplan head cylinder. It is not the kind that you have a larger tube and then a smaller one that has some rubber or something to help the seal. Maybe you have seen that one. This is different. It only fits on the head. From the picture I did not see how it could work. It is hard to explain but it is only the glass and I did not see how one could get a proper seal just on the head. I went round and round with them on the phone about how I did not think it was going to work. They said you have to use your thumb and forefinger also to get a good seal. I said I don’t see how that is possible. Anyway, I got it and could not get it to work. I called them and then finally called Dr. Kaplan himself and he said maybe I needed the smaller size. I will send it back and see if then give me the smaller size and I will try again. It just kept pulling in the shaft and I could not get a seal. They have small, med and large. I gave them my head circumference and they sent me the regular size.

My thoughts were that since I am really frustrated by this injury I could somehow pump up just the head and work with the wrap afterwards to work solely on the head. Eventually I will work with the Bib as a uli device. I just have to be very gentle getting an erection and putting on the device and letting the pressure build up naturally instead of forcing more of an erection. If I am careful and do it further down the shaft and wait until flaccid between the hanger and the body I should be fine. But the getting and acheiving erection and all that stuff makes it sore at this time. That is why I thought about the head pump. Maybe somehow it might be more permanent than pumping the shaft because of the way it draws the fluids in. (Somehow it may be different with the head). If I were sucessful at expanding the head, (whatever way) and wrap also to expand and keep it big, it will work. The trick for me is not getting erect by pulling jerking etc as to aggrevate my injury. At this time I am just resting. It is still not back and I am worried it is going to take a long time.
Anyway, maybe I can work on the head at this time. Besides, if the head is bigger the whole appearance is different and the whole penis really looks bigger.

To answer your question, at this time I was unsucessful with it so far.



I’m with you on this one. How can it seal? Are they suggesting that you have to pack yourself into it before it will seal? That sounds like it would be very difficult and maybe, somewhat painful.

That injury of yours sounds like it is going to take awhile to heal. Hell it has already been quite awhile. Hopefully you will start to see improvement in it soon.

Keep us posted on the cylinder, I am interested in hearing if you get it to work and, if it looks like it will give you head gains.

Take care.

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Tried again

Ok here is what is going on. I thought I should try again before I send it back. So you get a better visual here is what I ordered.

scroll down to head cylinder. Ok well it is divided by sizes of head circumference.

Small 1-4.5

Regular 4.5-5.5

Large 5.5-6.5

They sent me a regular one but my head circumference is only 4.25. The inside diameter at the smallest point of the cylinder is 1 5/16 However, I was thinking that after talking to the doc he said sometimes it needs to be pumped up before. So I thought that I will be doing the ulies etc also. And I thought about using the wrap and let it expand and then pump. With the wrap I got to 4.5/8 or 4.750 (which was comfortable for a long time period) head circumference and it also increases the upper shaft. Since I am going to be growing anyway I wanted to see if maybe I should not get the smaller size because I could outgrow it. Or not be able to use it after heavy ulies etc. I could just barely put it over the head but it got somewhat of a better seal. It slid a little down the shaft but I can use my thumb and forefinger to stop it and get a seal. Well the damn thing has a leak of all things. I taped and did stuff but no help. It is defective. I can’t even get it to stay at the same pressure putting it anywhere else that is a solid seal. The other tubes do fine and when I put it in water it stays stationary on the gauge so I know it is the actual glass part. I did get it to barely work though.

I also have to keep practicing the wrap and being careful not to hurt myself. I just think that if I master this it will be the ultimate passive PE and I may be able to continue with PE. I just now use a rice sock and watch porno or something to get hard and then do the wrap instead of me jerking on it and all. And if I learn to let pressure build up and get the pressure of the wrap right. But the thing is that I think I am going to be sore later. Just from like 20 minutes. I cut out 1.5 inch strips and wrapped wider for comfort. Anyway, when the erection dies down but the head is expanded the wrapped part shrinks to the base. Anyway, it is at the base where I am sore and this may still bother me. You see I have to find the proper location. My penis is only 6.25 nbp and the head is 1.5. This leaves only so much shaft. I can’t get too close to the head or the body. However, for me this has great potential if I can proceed.

I keep you up to date with the cylinder too. I will have to send it back. I am just not sure about the size.


Is your injury getting any better at all? I mean, is the sore area getting smaller as time goes by?

I looked around the regular pump sites and no one had any different type head cylinders. Prices were about the same also.

Sounds like the wrap would be just the thing for you right now, if you can get it to work without aggravating your injury.

If you can get the cylinder to seal correctly, the regular size seems like it would work a lot longer for you, after you start gaining head size. It would be a shame to have to order a second one in a couple months or so.

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Sorry for taking so long to answer your question. I wanted to write a detailed response and have been really really busy with work. The modeling is becoming full time. OK as for the injury let me describe the area. If you were facing someone’s penis looking directly at it, then from about 1:00 to 3:00 is the area involved. It involves approximately 3/4 of an inch of the shaft, and about the same inside the body (the area where you get checked for a hernia). I have not performed PE for about 3-4 weeks.

At first I just used heat and Arnica. Then after about a week I started using frozen peas a few times a day. After using the rice sock I apply MSM and Arnica rubbed into a paste and sometimes top with an oil that gets warm from a Chinese herbist. After a while the area on the penis is not sore but the area in the body is. If I ever try and do anything (like once I tried pumping) then the pain moves again into the area of the shaft. In all this time there has been a couple of times that I did one activity or another, (never hang or anything too strenuous) and it resulted in the pain moving from the body to the area in the shaft. Then after treatments it subsides. It appears as if the focal point may be the area where the penis meets the body.

I did the wrap thing the other day and was not really too bothered by it, so I think I can gently move into that form of PE. As I have said many times, the head and upper shaft is important to the overall look and is an area that I really need to work on since gaining base girth from hanging.

Yesterday I had a modeling session and went early so I could jelq etc. I did some manual stretching (gently) and also jelqed for about 10 minutes with some ulies. I also had an erection for a while during the day and flexed the PC and masterbated a few times. So all and all it was a pretty physical day, (compared to my the last weeks). I am happy to report that I am not feeling discomfort. I can notice something but not pain. I am going to treat myself today (ice and heat and rest). I will attempt to gradually move into PE if don’t feel any discomfort. I will begin with the wrap and then move also to light manual stretching and jelqing with ulies.

If I get good with the wrap I can do it before class. If I can get to the point where I can pump, and then wrap and travel to class and shake it out with a jelq and uli or two, it should be pretty damm impressive lol.


Good to hear...


It is good to hear that you are getting better and managing to get back to PE slowly.

Also that your modeling work is picking up, I know that you enjoy that.

When you have the time, can you post your experiences with the MSM? I am curious, as to how it is aiding your recovery.

Did you send the head cylinder back?

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I tried to find a msm cream but was not able to. I guess if I looked more I could find it. However, I am starting to think that the way I do it could be better anyway. I have the capsules and put the powder in the palm of my hand. Then I put a dab of Arnica on top and work it together into a great paste. There is no scientific way for me to know how it has worked at this time. I am using ice, heat, and the treatment along with rest and time. Therefore, it would be difficult to isolate msm as anything more than a contributing factor.

I have been so busy I did not return to the cylinder. The problem is the leak. I would have to send it return mail (and pay) then wait for them to send it back (this could take weeks). I am going to try using teflon tape or something to cover the leak and work with it.




If the thing is leaking from the fittings, try rubbing a little baby oil (small amount, doesn’t take much) on the O rings of the cylinder fitting and the hose fitting on your pump. I have had this problem in the past and a little oil seems to stop it.

If the cylinder is leaking under the fitting (where it screws into the cylinder), teflon tape may do the trick.

Good luck with the fix.

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Ok well I isolated the leak by putting it under water. If I put the location where the tube meets the glass there is a leak, but when I just put the bottom half under water there is no leak. This meant that the leak was on the bottom half. So I went and got some clear plastic silicone and applied it several times. It basically solved the problem except for a very small leak.

I tried to use it and I think it will work well. However, I could not get enough girth from wrapping to use it. I just am having a terrible time with the wrap lately and am getting frustrated. It just won’t expand like it used to unless I beat the shit out of it and I am kind of sore today so I better stop for now. Anyway, if I get enough girth then I think it will work but it is still not working right. It holds the pressure for a little while but then slides down the shaft to the wrap and I loose the pressure.


OK well I finally got the pump to work somewhat. The wrap thing is still not working right. I went ahead and did it the old way (get totally hard first) and got it to expand. Then I tried the head cylinder. I can tell you that I believe it was a waste of money. First of all it is hard to handle anything more than a few pounds of pressure directly on the head because it is painful. If I try and put more pressure on it the cylinder will slide down the shaft as well. Plus it can only stay for a few minutes before you have to release and pull it up the shaft and begin again. Also it is sort of painful digging into the shaft. Finally, it does not really do much. There is nothing, I repeat nothing, that will expand the head like the uli thing. I can get the head to grow more than 1/4 inch bigger than normal, but nothing like that happens with the pump.


Too bad....


Did they send you any directions or hints and tips with the head cylinder? It is a shame that the thing doesn’t work for you.

Perhaps the different approach to wrapping, that you refered to in your other post, will give you a method to continue PEing until your injury is completely healed.

Have you tried using a Bib Uli thing? Maybe one of those would be useful without making contact with your tender areas.

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They gave me some directions over the phone. The only directions were to use my thumb and forefinger beneath the tube to help with the seal. It is not that I could not get it to work, it is just that it is difficult. The doctor told me that it is the most difficult to use. My point is that it will work and I will keep experimenting with it, but it does not really expand the head very much, especially compared to the hanger used as a uli thing.

I have never used an actual uli thing, but used the hanger as a uli thing. It works awesome, but my problem is that I was using it too far at the base. I have to use it further up the shaft and be careful with it. The problem for me is getting the amount of pressure required to really make it work without stroking or aggrevating it. I just have problems letting pressure build up. The only way I get it to work is to get absolutely rock hard and tighten it real tight right away. Otherwise if I try and put weight on it the hanger just moves down and I lose the pressure and is a complete waste. The stroking and making it hard with the hanger on was the problem. I guess somehow I have to be more patient and let the pressure build up. It might be easier to do than with the wrap alone.


Well good news. I was able to work it quite well this time. I got fed up with trying and trying the wrap thing and just decided to go for it again. I got fully hard wrapped tight and pow! It swelled so much I could barely put on the cylinder. Then it sealed perfectly without any hands. I kept the pressure on for 10 minutes. It sort of digs in a tiny bit on the shaft which is a little uncomfortable. The only thing is that when I was finished I could barely get it off. I got kind of scared it would not come off actually. It still does not really do all that much. It is ok, but compared to the uli thing it is not worth your investment if you were wondering.

For more of my experience with the wrap and uli thing look at my other post.




Thanks for the input. I think I’ll stick with the latex sleeve and the full size pump, if I do any further “head” pumping. I remember reading someplace that the head cylinder and the skin restoration cylinder were both pretty uncomfortable to use.

It would be a bitch to have to break the thing to get it off. Ice may help if it does get stuck, then again maybe not.

I do remember a guy posting on Monsternuts that he had to use a hammer and a screwdriver to destroy his two stage cylinder after trying to get it off for a couple of hours. Scary shit.

Thanks again!

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