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hey all--i am today's newbie

hey all--i am today's newbie

i just joined the forum—it is great!
while i am new to this particular forum, i am not a stranger to PE.
i have done a whole lot of reading today, and must say that the theory of ‘hanging’ is much more prominent here than i am accustomed to.
being my first day here, i, by no means, want to come across as a know-it-all, but so far (let me repeat that—so far) i have not read the absolute importance of the kegel excerises pertaining quick ejaculation. the kegel excerises are paramount if you have trouble ‘busting off’ too quick.. i am sure that this info is more than covered here in this fine forum somewhere, but i thought it was worth re-mentioning. the [hard] contracting of the pc muscle(s) WILL keep a man from busting a nut before he wants to..i used to have a problem with it, but i NO longer have..

*texan gets off soap box, now..

GREAT site—i wish i had found it earlier…
there is a great wealth of info here, and i am glad to be a part of such a fine community!

God Bless


Big Welcome to you :wave:

Howdy pardner! Ok very stereotypical I know :)

If kegels really do decrease the chances of prostate cancer, then I think all guys would be wise to do them, regardless of the PE type gains!


I have personally not read anything scientific that talks about a decrease in prostate cancer from kegel exercises. I am not saying that it absolutely has no relevance. I just have not seen anything. And would appreciate it if someone can post a reference for me. Something other than a PE-oriented site, because that just isn’t valid, IMO.

But I am sure they don’t hurt anything!

thats motivating, ill keep kegelings

Welcome, texan;

Even if you’re not fast on the trigger (ahem), PE in general and kegels in particular do increase lasting power during sex. And it’s not that PE (done sensibly) desensitizes your cock, it just gradually trains you to handle sensation in new ways, imo.

If you haven’t found it yet, post your starting stats in Size’s Data Site (see link at the bottom of most pages here). A great place to keep track of your gains and he has built into it a pretty impressive series of mathmatical conversions.



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