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Hemosiderin from clamping


Go for it Mick,
You certainly need to have a reliable wrap. If it isnt snug angainst the skin it will dry out to fast and not have ample time to absorbe into the skin.

It will not sting if you get it in your ‘cock hole’ (meatus), I think I got some in my eyes once and thought it would burn but it did noting; like saline solution, just gave my eye a good rinse.


Maybe I’m not wrapping it tight enough cause for the past two days the skin’s been basically normal colour when I woke uo. I guess I’ll try wrapping it a little tighter.

Alright well I think I’m giving up on the vinegar… haven’t seen any results yet. I know maybe I’m giving up a little bit too early, but I have another idea which I’m convinced is going to work, so I’m just gonna try that.

I’m not sure if I’m gonna do it now though or wait til I’ve hit my goal.

During my last vinegar wrap I think some of my skin basically got “burned” from the acid. It was stinging quite a bit, and then the next day it was dark brown… but the brown was like a scab basically… the skin wasn’t actually brown. So ya… it was more like a chemical peel. It may remove a bit of discolouration, but I don’t think it’ll do much. And anyway it was only a small area that got like that.

Cool, at least you tried it out.

I have been mixing vinegar with olive oil as a jelqing lube after reading this thread. While I haven’t seen noticeable decrease in discoloration, I’ll keep doing it just in case. However I think that while vinegar may be useful for treating bruises, the discoloration is no longer a bruise but more like an actual tattoo and so the problem is different.

Originally Posted by goober
Cool, at least you tried it out.

Ya it was worth a try.

Just a thought… have you ever considered just soaking your entire cock in a glass of vinegar? This way you’re 100% sure it’s in contact with your skin the whole time. Might be kind of annoying… I’m sure I could manage it for an hour or so though.

Ok slight update.

One of the dark brown scabs came off, and the skin underneath is nice and clean. This may darken with time however as when doing a peel with wart remover.

I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t, but who knows… maybe the combination of the acid in the vinegar as well as its other skin lightening properties will have done the trick.

If so, I’m gonna try soaking my entire cock in a glass of vinegar, lol. Obviously my skin needs a lot of it for anything to happen.

Just as long as you don’t later user that vinegar to season the salad you fix for your buddies though.


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