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Hello everybody!

This is my first post in this forum. I just registered two days ago.
I am happy that i found this site so I can finally tell someone about my big (or rather small) problem.

MY below average size (5.5 inch) is influencing negatively my whole life.
I don’t even THINK of starting a relationship with any woman.
I also do bodybuilding and I weight 240 lbs (110 kg) of solid muscle so you can imagine how silly I look naked, big body - small dick.
I don’t take my shower at the gym any more because of this.
I even don’t pee in a public toilet except if nobody is there.

About a year ago I found out about PE.

After doing some research on the net I put the following program together:

Hot towel warm-up
15 min stretching (3 min. in every direction then 1 min. rest for circulation)
400-500 reps of jelquing (3 seconds each rep, 60-80% erect)
Hot towel warm down

2 days on - 1 day off

After 12 month of dedicated working out I made NO PROGRESS AT ALL, can you imagine not one quarter of an inch.

A strange thing is that my workout is similar to the routine some members have posted in this site and they say they have made some very good gains. And concerning the techniques I used they were EXACTLY like described here.

I am really totally frustrated and depressed after all this time not seeing ANY results, because it is really VERY, VERY important for me to get bigger.

Has anyone here had a similar experience and found a solution????
Can anyone help…

Do you jelq with a standard ok or overhand ok? What kind of pressure do you use? Is your penis expanded after a jelqing session.

It might be worth looking at stretching mods like the v-stretch, JAI and blaster.

Have you considered hanging? A lot of people who make no gains from jelqing/stretching start making gains as soon as they start hanging.

Thanks for the quick response..

I use an overhand grip for jelquing. Most of the times my penis is really pumped up after a session. Only sometimes it’s not and then I figure out that i have done too much the previous days so I take 2-3 days off.
Where can I look up these other stretching mods like the v-stretch, JAI and blaster?

About hanging.. I never used it before.
But I can’t figure out why for a full year no gains at all even if my workout wasn’t perfect.

Sounds like your jelqing isn’t at fault. Might be worth adding some horses. I think that pushing girth growth a bit helps length but thats an opinion others would not agree with.

v-stretches, JAIs, blasters

Everyone is different, you may have a penis that is highly resistant. Increasing the force used is a good way to increase your chances and hanging is a simple verifiable way to do this (the above stretch mods also work well).

You might also look at increasing the number of days you do in succession. A lot of people here do 3/1 or 5/2. If your penis really needs the day(s) off thats a good sign imo.

Hey 5.5,

Some probable solutions… You might also try to stretch after jelquing session. That made the difference for me in addition with JAI’s (I didn’t gain during first three months). Other thing to consider would be to do 1on-1off jelquing but stretching 3on-1off, because you mentioned that you don’t always get the pumpup effect, so maybe you need more time to recover from jelqing.

Keep the faith!

A Man behind his mask.

Something really bad happened….

I looked up the different kinds of stretches and wanted to try them out. When doing the V-stretches I noticed some blood drops on the floor. I first wondered where it came from then I saw it coming out of my penis. I didn’t realize it from the beginning because nothing hurted me. Immideately I stopped and i didn’t do anything related to PE that day. Today I wanted to do some jelqs and at the 10th rep again some drops came out. What is this???
What would you think is the best thing to do??

Originally posted by 5point5
Something really bad happened….
What would you think is the best thing to do??

I don’t think that is that bad man (IMO), relax. You’ve probably just bursted a vein. Most likely it’ll heal itself. Rest for a few days, if the problem doesn’t go away, then go see the doctor.

A Man behind his mask.


Relax, you’ll be OK w/ rest. Use the ‘search’ option for ‘blood’. Also, check out the injury forum.

First Welcome to the forum. I did a very exausting study on penis size and to my best calculations taking every credible study into consideration 5.5” is above average. The blood issue is really nothing to worry about as long as it is not painful or continuous. Everything from pre-enjaculation to blood is possible when doing stretches and jelqs. but it is ALWAYS good to bring it to the attention of the group in order to put your own anxieties to rest and help others. I wish you the best of luck.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

while its probably not as bad as you would think or that uncommon bleeding does mean you need to let yourself heal I would suggest taking 3-8 days off then when you come back do this. go 5 strait days of your routine (You really should check out adding hanging in your routine, but jelqing should be getting some results) then take weekends off. ohh and stretch after jelqing and don’t masturbate/have sex for 2 hours before or after (really you shouldn’t do it on the same day you have a pe workout).

anyway try these little adjustments and see if they don’t help.. also check out the dld blasters

Going for 9

Thank you guys for your concern.

I read about this blood issue in the injury forum. I think the best thing is to stop for some days. But one question I haven’t found a CLEAR answer to it in the forum, which is: How do I know that I have rested enough?
I’m afraid if I continue with the exercise and I’m not totally recovered yet that the injury will start all over again and i would have to rest for another time like if the injury is new.

To doublelongdaddy:
I appreciate that you try to cheer me up:”taking every credible study into consideration 5.5” is above average”.
But when I see other guys in the looker-room I find myself most of the time smaller. In addition (like I mentioned in my first post) I have a really big body and taking proportionality into consideration it looks even smaller.
I would estimate the average to be around 6.5”.

To Sportsguy:
When I start again i’ll follow your advice (stretch AFTER jelq and 5 on 2 off). Hopefully if brings something
About hanging…I would really be afraid to do this. The blood came out from a V-stretch so what would happen with weights where the pressure on the head is even greater??

It's all cool

First to the healing, from my experience, you need to just guess when it is healed because i’ve come back too early once already and now i’m on an extended break due i part to the hastnesss to come back. (1 week break failed) :(

I’ll be honest here, 5.5 is ot “small” but if you have a relitavly big build it is pushing it a bit (in my opinion).

If you can get to 6 or 6.5 then you are safely “average”.
Anything above that and you’ll be laughing as you get more gains :)
In the end it’s up to you what size you want and going for it.

I minght see this a bit bias because of my relitavly skinny build that i’ve had all my life so just see it as insperation (i’m currently 6.5 ENBP).

And remember that there is the addiction factor and the “too much is never enough” syndrome that u’ve heard about and are starting to experience even though I started PE with no goals and just did it to get bigger for as long as I feel I can do it.

Loved going to Cuba! :)

I'm surprised that Americans can't go because their government says they can't!

The same thing that happened to cascade happened to me.
After taking a week off I tried today to do some very light jelqs and again blood came out.
I felt no pain at all.

Before i started i pressed gently on all the regions of the urine channel and nothing hurted.

I’m REALLY pissed off because now I have to rest again from the beginning and probably -after this trial today- the injury is the same as last week.

So please anyone tell me how I can know that the injury has healed completely. I did some searching in the forum but didn’t find a clear answer.(If anyone knows where to find one please tell me)

I had some thoughts just to continue with the workout as long as I don’t feel any pain.
What do you think??

TO cascade:
What exactly is your injury and how did it start??
How long do you intend to stay on your rest period??


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