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Guys, I’m serious. I’ve lost a great deal of sensitivity and I don’t know what to do. I’m afraid to ask my mom to see a urologist.


Stop PEing completely until it clears and when you start again be sure to warm up and try not to overdo the exercises. If it isnt better in two days you probably wanna see a doctor. My guess is that you just worked it a little to hard, and that itll clear in a couple of days. On the other hand you dont wanna take any chances, perhaps youre more suceptible to damage than others, in that case you definantly wanna take more care when doing your exercises.

I really advice you to bite the bullet and ask your mom. How long has this been going on. How long have you had the symptoms. If it has been over a week and it hasnt gotten any better, you are already waisting to much time. Get over the imbarrisment for that breif peroid so you will not have to deal with the imbarrisment of having a disfunctional penis for the rest of your life. Then again it may not be that serois, but it sounds like it is. How old are you? Why are you affraid to tell your mom? I need more info to give you better advice. I will check the posts tonight, i want to know all the details of your whole experience. How did you hurt yourself? I recently told my mother about this and she is cool enough to keep it to herself and not judge me. She needed to know why i was taking so long in the shower. Good luck.

it’s been about a week. it started when i was doing some hard squeezes on a full erection. the pain gradually subsided but now it feels irritated inside when i squeeze the head and less sensitive. I’m 18. I’ve bothered my mom before about getting a check-up not too long ago and I don’t want to seem like a worryer.

Tell me you have stoped your routine. If you think you are seriosly injured you have to stop, i doubt you would be getting gains in that condition anyway. If you are still doing your workout, thats why it hasnt healed faster. You need to stop your workout to know how serois the damage is, just put heat on it. I check the forums nearly every night if you reply.

hazzymat what, if any, medication do you take?

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