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Help With LOT, Downwards Jelqs

Help With LOT, Downwards Jelqs

Hi Everybody,

I need your help, I have a LOT of 8:00, so I think this means I can gain length through stretching the ligaments, is this correct? Also, in order to do this could I Jelq downwards instead of straight out from my body? When I do Jelq downwards I can definately feel a stretch in the ligs on top of my penis, the ones which hold it to my body. Are these the correct ligs to stretch?


Hi there Bigbedu,

If I’m not mistaken you should be jelqing in opposite direction from your LOT. So, when your LOT is 8 you should be jelqing upward. Why don’t you jelq in both direction up and down? wont do any harm because I did it too, my LOT is around 8. Keep up the jelqing:) . Seeya.

Occa is incorrect. You should stretch/jelq below your LOT to hit the ligs (sounds like you’re hitting the correct ones), and above your LOT to hit your tunica. It would be wise to read Bib’s theory first hand. At 8:00 you can still focus on the ligs to try for some quick gains.

One foot to go

With 8 oclock you still have lig gains you can make by stretching downward. I’m also around 8 oclock and I stretch up for a while and down for a while. I think, but not sure, the idea is that a low lot should work the tunica also by pulling at an upward slant. I don’t know if it’s necessary to pull upward(tunica growth) as long as there are lig gains to be had by pulling downward.If the lot drops to 6 oclock it will likely be that upward pulling will become a necessity since lig growth will become very limited.

Even if it’s not necessary for me to work my tunica yet by pulling upward, I’m working it anyway just in case, and besides, why not give the ligs some help in growing? Maybe someone will come along that understands the details to a finer degree than I do. I do manual stretching downward for several minutes and upward for several minute with wet heat warmup first(hot bath for me). I do fowfers also in the tub and I do fowfers while sitting around. I only fowfer for a few minutes at a time because it can cut off circulation some if not careful. I have to be a bit careful with the fowfer pulls because by leaning back I get quite a lig pull it seems to me. After getting out of the tub , while I’m still warm I wet jelq for about 10 minutes pulling down some and up some.

I do this routine twice within a 16 hour period on some days. The tunica has the reputation of being tougher but hopefully it will in time add up to some tunica effecting. I depend on the heat to help with this.

On a good day where I do my routine twice, I probably total in that day manuel stretch upward 5 minutes, manual stretch downward 5 minutes, fowfers 20 minutes, wet jelqing downward 10 minutes, wet jelqing upward 10 minutes.

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Hi there Solfsun,

Thanks for your reply. Actually I’ve read Bib threads before thats why I could get the conclusion. But like I said, “If I’m not mistaken”, this mean if I’m not interpret it in the wrong way. Thank you for your correction. I still jelq in both way. Seeya:) .

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