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Help with Kegel Routine

Help with Kegel Routine


I need some help with my kegel routine.

I’m having a really hard time burning my PC muscle. I can seem hold down on it for a long time without it getting sore.

Now, that doesn’t mean I think I have a strong PC muscle. The clamp is not really very hard. If I squeeze harder it seems to engage my sphincter muscle, and I guess the idea is to isolate the PC muscle, right?

What can I do to really burn my PC muscle?

I want to be able to squeeze it harder and harder - and I don’t want to have to do a 15 minute PC muscle workout every day …


I don’t think it would be counter productive having the anal sphincer contract somewhat while kegaling. I know mine always does to some degree when I kegal.

Also you may try doing kegals throughout the day rather than in one session. (if you don’t already). While driving, watching TV, on internet etc. Then you don’t get to burned out doing it. Also vary length of time and intensity.

There are a few good threads on this if you do a search.

Good luck.

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