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help please i need help please!

help please i need help please!

i am black with a 6.5 by 4.9 is that small women expect a 12 inher from me and i can’t deliver my cousine has a 12 incher that is about 7 flaccid it is crazy i need length quick i ahve been doing this on and off for two years and no gains seriously for about 3.5 months how can i gain .5 inches ina bout 3 to four weeks i want to start having sex. i am 22 years old with no experience ia m scared a girl will say hell no small dick. i am also uncut so i have a pink tip instead of a purple one it looks weird with a black dick and a pink head

what are u guys thoughts on a circumcision at 22 yes or no i heard women don’t like uncut dicks

I don’t have the answers you seek.

However to keep me a happier person, please read the fourm guidelines on capitalization and posting style. Thanks.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

First of all 6.5Xalmost 5 isn’t small. It’s decently above average. Don’t compare yourself to guys with huge ones, or you will never be happy. And don’t worry about the pink head. Some girls might find it interesting. Keep PEing but go forth and learn the secrets of sex that only experience can do. Just tell yourself that you are bigger than average. Also remember that there are some guys that are under six inches that would kill to have a dick like yours. So, use it with pride.

Hi, bigdick203. This is basickly a repost of your “how do i get longer/ feeling suicidal” thread. Plenty of guys responded to that with helpfull advise, as well as links to the forum guidlines and the newbie routine.

Please do NOT start more clone threads. You have posted the same exact thing in two seperate threads. Pick one of the threads and post your routine and any problems you might be having with it; if you are hear to get a bigger dick we will all bend over backwards to help in any way we can.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

It’s the exact same thread. He has sent me 3 PM’s so far asking me basically the SAME thing over and over. I’m surprised he’s still here and, alive assuming he’s got the issues he claims. Women dont expect 12” just because you are a certain race. That’s silly to assume.


Maybe this thread turned up because of your answers to his PMs?

Clearly he has some problems to work through.


iamaru gave you some good advice. Do some reading here and maybe you’ll feel a little better about yourself. It can be terribly debilitating to suffer from depression but there are plenty of people here who’ve been through that.

Maybe you need to look beyond yourself? If you have a local church maybe you could talk to your priest about your problems or find a therapist who can help you through this terrible time. If money is a problem I’m sure there are groups in your local area that may be useful.

If you feel that life is getting too hard please consider talking to your doctor, maybe he or she can organise some care for you.

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I dont think he has any real problems besides too much time on his hands but, maybe I’m wrong.

I think its safe to assume that he is troubled.

You’re sig confuses me:

>Whew! To think Mom could have swallowed me! <

Is this a reference to head?

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Yeah I think so memento, hehe. Imagine, you are one sperm out of how many million out of how many times your pops busted a nut. Everytime one jacks off, they should think, “did I just bust another Einstein into this towel?”

Ah that makes sense but how does he know his mother swallows?

I was thinking it might have been a size thing i.e. that swm’s mother would have been able to give him head in the past but can’t now because he’s grown.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Not sure if I take this guy serious or not. Think he went overboard with the way he typed. It kinda sounds fake, to get him a laugh or something. He knows that women do not expect 12 inches. Plus, he typed this stuff TWICE!!!

1.25 inches down, 1.75 to go!!!!!! For 8" NBP


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