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Help Needed - Things to stop getting hard when stretching


Okay I just tried a couple of suggestions. Shadow boxing for around a minute, was a little out of breathe and it’s boiling hot here at the moment. Result: did nothing. Masturbating like firegoat said for like 10minutes just edging, didn’t really get close to PONR. So waited a minute for erection to subside completely. Result: when stretching still swelled up just not as easily and then had aload of pre-cum leak out Lol The mind being occupied; I always have music on, reading Thunders or watch TV so I’m concentrating on those any way and the maths didn’t work.

Originally Posted by UpTo7
Why would any of those help? Especially clamping, after I’m done with it all I want to do is bust a nut (but I don’t) because I’m done watching porn for 30 minutes without coming.

I don’t know what to do anymore :)

As you can see, I used to have identical problem. It went away by itself, not completely but for the most part. Nowadays I just keep telling myself that it won’t get hard when I’m not supposed to and it usually works. If it doesn’t, I just clamp and leave stretching for later, especially if I’m going to see my girlfriend that day, then I can do it after she leaves because we always have sex.

If you do loads of kegels the idea is the PC muscle will be tired so your dick won’t want to get erect. After clamping the penis has been stretched out so it requires more blood to fill it and obviously the muscle or whatever isn’t strong enough to get the penis as hard and fill out to the expanded size especially if you’ve fatigued your PC muscle

Any other ideas! People!

Originally Posted by Audacia
Really it’s become beyond a joke. I used to have no problem but my sex drive is becoming way better, I guess it’s a result of EQ or something. But no matter what time of day I try and stretch I always get hard and it’s really difficult to stretch that way.

Things I’ve tried:

-Clamping sets before stretching (Just made me hornier even after like 4 sets in a row)
-Dry jelqs
-Many kegels

I can’t really think of anything else to control it. I know by now my dick should know when it’s PE time and not fun time but it’s just been this past few weeks, I thought it will go back. I guess I shouldn’t complain about the better EQ but it’s really difficult to have good PE sessions with this going on.

Become less healthy? LOL I am interested as well, as I believe the logic that stretching an erect penis doesn’t place enough pressure on the inner “cord”. Perhaps change your angle of pulling/stretching? Mine doesn’t get nearly as hard if I pull upward towards my chest….but If I pull to either side or pull straight down…my dick loves it and gets very exited.

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My problem

This is my problem & I just need to relax for the gain.


Originally Posted by 8 x 8
Become less healthy? LOL I am interested as well, as I believe the logic that stretching an erect penis doesn’t place enough pressure on the inner “cord”. Perhaps change your angle of pulling/stretching? Mine doesn’t get nearly as hard if I pull upward towards my chest.but If I pull to either side or pull straight dick loves it and gets very exited.

I’m doing upwards and straight out. No matter what I think of or try my dick just swells up to a semi and eventually really hard making it impossible to get a good stretch. This is really frustrating. Stretching BTC helps but it’s really uncomfortable on my balls.

Hey audacia did this problem ever go away for you, I’ve had this same “problem” since I finished doing the newbie routine and because of it I can’t stretch for more than 20 seconds without getting 40% hard.

One thing you may try doing is thinking, for a few seconds, about a memory from your childhood, or just before puberty, then once your flaccid again block off the memory and continue. These usually have an innocence to them that may kill it for your unit. However, there is a small chance that sometime down the line that, if you don’t have a proper sexual stimulus over time, that memory can become a reflex to automatically trigger an erection (your brain will jump ahead to the exercise without you knowing or approving) and then you will have to find a new anti-stimulus. That being said, your problem might just be that your brain is jumping ahead to the exercise anyway and you might be able to fix it by concentrating better on what your doing and avoid a possible psychological episode later in your life.

I think of a paradise like environment where I am watching sail boats from the beach while eating grapes. I smell the ocean air, feel the hot sand between my toes, and imagine how that all makes me feel inside. It brings about a pleasurable sensation but one entirely different from a sexually exciting thought. Maybe you should give pleasurable but non-sexual visualization a try. I find that bad thoughts (morbid/scary) do the job too but ultimately are not worth the mental price.

Hello, what I do is stretch but only when I’m in the shower. Turning on the warm water is the only way I don’t get hard while doing PE.

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I thought I was the only one with excessive erection problem! Because of my excessive erection problem, I managed to cause a few injuries while doing newbie routine for 4 months. I can never do a full stretch (longer than 10s) with complete flaccid unit. After I struggled with 4 months, I decided to switch my routine to hanging (vac hanging only). I can’t do the wrapping using Bib’s.. the sensation from my own hand will just ruin the wrapping.

This is what I have been doing:

1) get a vacADS/hanging from Monkey or build you own
2) warm up as usual
3) put the cap on (u will be in semi state)
4) wait until the erection subsides to less than 20% erection level.. then attach weights
- your penis will likely to react and start to get semi again. **key point** DO SOMETHING IMMEDIATELY TO DISTRACT YOUR ATTENTION. ie. watch TV!
- your erection should reduce after a few minutes
- enjoy watching TV while hanging!

I have been hanging 3lbs right now for 2 weeks. The challenge with vac hanging system is that it is hard to hang heavy weights (and it sometimes slip as well).

I also use a lot of heat (infrared red lamp) while hanging. I believe it is critical as you will have initial erection so the heat will help loosen up the BS muscles and ligs. So the chance of injury is greatly reduced.

I realized that manual stretch can actually give you a stronger pull than hanging. So be patient. Hanging regularly should give you the same result (I hope so at least!).

Ever since I started the heat lamp and hanging, my two thromb bumps seem to get smaller, and the thromb vein right underneath the ridge of the gland seems to get softer as well.

We’ll see!

Excessive erection is my biggest enemy for length work! I am dedicating to length right now before I get into girth workout. I am sure I won’t have problem with girth routines!!

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I used to have the same prob long ago. It came down to masturbating AND ejaculating just so I could get some good stretches in. The biggest problem with it is losing interest in doing it after ejaculation. But in time like everyone else this problem went away.

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Audacia, i feel your pain. Excuse me for my bad english.

What i do to keep my penis flaccid is watch movies while streching. No, they’re not porn movies, they are mostly action movies, like The Punisher, Black Hawk Down. If i don’t have movies in the moment i listen music but not just any music, have you ever heard “going the distance”, “gonna fly now”, “eye of the tiger” from the rocky soundtrack? Well when my dick is fully streched i sing along the song or just watch carefully the rocky training videos. It works for me :)

Originally Posted by UpTo7
Nowadays I just keep telling myself that it won’t get hard when I’m not supposed to and it usually works.

Jedi PE mindtricks playing are you!

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Try giving your head a little pinch until you lose your hard

Originally Posted by boner7484
Watch re-runs of Roseanne, or Rosie O’Donnell.

Thundersplace should have a “like” button like facebook does. For the old geezers on this forum that don’t know what I am referring too, its basically a little button on the side of someone’s post that we agree, approve of.

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