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Help Me!!

Help Me!!

Ok, i have been doing PE for about 6-7 months now. I am a memeber to many different Sites. I REALLY need some advice about this stuff from you guys..

As i said, i started this stuff back in maybe Mid-March and been doing the following:

10 min Hot Wrap;

15-20 min Stretches:

Started doing 15-20 mins jelqs (used to do 30 mins)

Help Me (Part 2)!!

As i stated with the routines i did;

10 min Hot wraps
15-20 min Stretches
15-20 min Jelqs (Note: recently changed Jelq time, Been doing a 15-20 min Jelq routine for about a month.)
10-15 min Hot Wrap.

I started out at 5x4 and my current size is 5.25x4. My question is, am i doing something wrong? Should i have gained more??
If someone could help m,e out, man i would really appreciate it!!


P.S- I train Mon-Fri and do about 500-700 Kegels a day.

Welcome aboard!!

Hey Marco,

Welcome to the forum. I take it you are going for length gains. First, do some reading and re-examine your jelqing technique. Second, find Johan’s stretch routine in the Progress Reports/Personal Routines Forum and see if that is something that you might want to try out. Third, don’t give up. Not all guys gain a lot in a short period of time. It takes some guys longer.
Fourth, read up on hanging and see if that is something that may work for you.

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To be quite honest it doesn’t look like you have a problem at all. You got to understand something, everybody makes gains differently. Some get results quick, others get results over a longer period of training time. I know that you might be frustrated with the results so far, but look at it this way, your 1/4” longer than 7 months ago, right? So cheer up, your making gains atleast. Consider yourself lucky, some people don’t see ANY results over a years time.

Thanks for all the help gentalmen and will take your advice.



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