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Help me PLEASE if you can...

Help me PLEASE if you can...


First of all, sorry for my english…I hope you’ll understand what I’m trying to explain :-)

I’m 23 yrs old and I began to read your posts about 3 moths ago and found it very,very interesting.

So I decided to start with PE about 2 months ago(with different series of jelqing,stretching and kegels).

The gains are coming….very slowly but they come,I noticed it taking the measure of my penis…but even at the start,the lenght wasn’t the main problem.

The main problem is the curvature of the penis.

Is it possible to correct it?I’m trying to force the direction of the jelqing with apparently no result.

Is there a kind of…tutorial (the term probably is not correct)…that show how to correct it?

I hope somebody can help me.

Thank you very much,and lots of greetings from the eternal city (ROME)

Welcome aboard !!!!

Hey IG,
Welcome aboard ! Your English is fine.
As far as your bend, all I can suggest is that you continue jelqing against the curve. When doing your routine make sure to switch hands also, to give your dick as much of a uniform workout as possible, easier on your hands that way also.

Maybe one of the other members has some hints or siggestions.

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If the curve is not something you were born but developed since you grew up, you may have what is called Peyronie’s disease. Unless it is painful when you are erect (and doesn’t interfere with sex), it is usually not anything to worry about unless it worsens. It is caused by a buildup of scar tissue on the shaft of the penis - your curve will be in the direction of the scar tissue location. The cause of the scar tissue could be a previous injury or trauma.

There is no sure cure, but in addition to what Thunder told you, a good percentage of men with Peyronie’s can gradually get some straightening by applying Vitamin E directly to the site and supplement that with regular, but moderate use, of a VED (vacuum erection device, or, cock pump). Interestingly, the most common occurance of Peyronies happens in Germany. I see you are from Italy. Maybe you guys have something in your water over there. There is a surgical proceedure that sometimes works but use that as a last resort.

If you’ve always had this, don’t worry about it. Some curves are actually advantageous in sex. You can hit spots the rest of us have to work to get to.



Also may I add, who said that your penis has to be perfectly straight, I’m positive this is a common thing and is nothing abnormal.


My problem is quite an “appearance” one.I don’t like it how it is and so I’m trying to change it.

It’s not painful and absolutely not interfere when I have sex with my girlfriend.

But maybe it’s becoming something phsicological…I still don’t know…I hope to understand it soon.

Anyway,THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your answers!

I’ll continue to read your very interesting posts and,if I have problems, I’ll write here.Talking and listening what others say is always very useful especially when who talks is informed like you.



Go to the Polls forum. Add your input. Thunder started a survey about curves. (They are really very common; don’t get “bent” about yours unless it begins to interfere with sex or masturbation, causes pain, or begins to curve more abruptly).

You can also take vitamin E in capsule form but not more than 800 IUs a day. Try to get by on 400 IUs. One can “OD” on vitamin E.




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