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Help me out here....

Help me out here....

My penis curves downward due to lack of developement of tissue closer to the base. The girth of the area closer to the base is only about 3/5 the girth of the area closer to the head. The bottom ligament of the penis might also be shorter than the upper one. Please tell me what I can do to even things out.

There are no ligaments on the bottom. Most penile curves are caused by differences in the tunica. Some think frequent masturbation while growing (as a teenager) can cause one side to stretch out and a curve to develop in the opposite direction. Others think there are parts of the tunica that a scarred or damaged in some way and are not as elastic as the rest, thus forming a curve around the less stretchy part. Each guy is different and the cause of his curve is different, so there’s no common solution. Extreme curves can be fixed with surgery.

Has anyone actually fixed a curve??

This is a current thread on the subject. You might want to join in on that conversation. There are many other threads on the subject. Use the search button at the top of every page to find others.

Thanks for showing me that post, guess I’ll try getting some vitamin E and see if it helps. By the way, is there any exercise that I can do to increase my girth on the part of my penis closest to the base?

Vitamin E will help your skin, but I can’t see that it would do anything for a curve. Use the search button at the top of the page and enter “fix curve” and you’ll get about 30 threads on curves.

Girth exercises, except normal jelqing, are considered advanced moves and you should just do the basic workout for at least a month before you try the more extreme ones. Increasing base girth is a particularly tough problem. Have you read this thread?

A Quickstart Guide to Manual Exercises

It has information about girth exercises and lots of other things. You should read all of the threads listed in this post before you do any PE work. You’ll save yourself a lot of trouble.


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