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Help me locate a clamp

Help me locate a clamp

I went to Home Depot to get a clamp ( as shown in Big Girthas profile pic) today and tried to explain it to several employees there. They just looked at me as if I was high.

Just wondering if this clamp has a name or if it’s used for specific things so at least I know which isle to look in.

Thanks for any help

Cable clamp in the electrical department

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They are usually in a cardboard bin in the isle, not on the shelf. Ask for cable clamps for wires, they come in large, medium, and small. The ones in Home depot are orange.

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I’ve found them at Home Depot in the power tools section (usually has its own cash register) because the real purpose of the clamps is to contain the gathered up power cord.

I’ve had no problem finding them at Wal Mart. Near the extension cords. You can order them online as well from the source ;)

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