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Help Me Choose a Routine Please


Originally Posted by iamaru
“Oh, if only Thunder himself would come to my house every morning, make me breakfast, and then jelq me…”


Originally Posted by iamaru

So, ball busting aside I have a suggestion for you.

I had a hard time sticking with it at first. I pulled it off with religious zeal and dedication and was rewarded with zero gains. I then switched to hanging, which I actually found to be much easier to stick with! If you have the time and the privacy it can be much easier to obsessively do something for hours and hours every single day than to do some 1/2 hour routine every other day. Give it some thought. Or keep waiting for someone else to invent a routine that looked more promising.

Thanks for the ball busting too. You have some great points.

I have been considering hanging, particularly under and IR lamp. I’ve decided to give the combo routine of pumping and jelqing a try once again. That is the routine that I stuck to for the longest, which was 6 weeks at the most, from what I can remember.

I do remember that my erections became rock hard. Also, I remember that it was encouraging to see my penis begin to get closer to the sides of the 2” tube as the days passed. I began to notice that my cock was bigger in the tube, and it wasn’t from lymphatic buildup. I think that seeing my cock pumped for 10 to 20 minutes at a time is encouraging.

So, last Tuesday I purchased a cheap old-school construction style lamp that looks like an old aluminum bowl. I purchased a 125 watt bulb to use in it. I wanted a 150 watt bulb per the recommendations of experienced IR users, but they didn’t have any available at that light bulb store.

That night, and the following Thursday, I did:

10 minute warm up under the IR lamp
4 thirty second stretches SO
10 minutes of jelqing (3 second reps)

I had a date Friday night. Missed Saturday, and then another date with her Sunday. Now, I’m here at Monday night. My lucite cylinder and “male end” connector from LA Pump came in today. I purchased the hand pump from Harbor Freight as a Brake Bleeder pump.

So, tonight will be the first time that I pump since 2003. I’m planning on doing one 10 minute set @ 3 Hg after a 10 minute session of jelqing.

I have not decided on a particular schedule for on/off days yet.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

Fact is Kojac it isn’t as important what you do as YOU MUST DO SOMETHING CONSISTENTLY FOR MONTHS TO EXPECT GAINS. This stuff doesn’t happen overnight and some people have an especially stubborn member. Start out slow with a program you will actually stick with. Ex one on one off. Always warm up. Try a wet wash cloth wrapped in a rice sock for ten min. Strech for ten. Jelq for fifteeen. Edge. Then cool down. Do this for 2 months and you will almost certainly see a quarter inch gain. The next quarter might take three months. The timetable for gains is months not days.


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