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Help I shrunk

Help I shrunk

I lost 3/8 of an inch in the last 6 weeks! My peing time has been very limited but I thought I needed a break anyway. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Man, what a bummer.

PS-I normally do A.I. Strecthes and have gained slightly over an inch and a half in eight months.

You probably hadn’t cemented your gains. Typically, any progress that is fully locked in doesn’t regress with a break.

You’re still up over an inch, which is damn good progress for 8 months. If you want that extra 3/8” back, plus more, you had better make the time and PE consistently.

What is your current routine? What were you doing when you gained so well?

I wouldn’t worry too much. It could very well be just normal variation in erection quality. I know my own erection quality varies quite a bit. I can’t just get my max whenever I want. It has a mind of its own :)

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I was doing mostly A.I. Stretches manually with a kegel. Which involved stretching for a second and kegelling then releasing. I also did some jelqing, DLD Bends and squeezes. All manual stuff. I took the time off for a variety of reasons, lack of erection strength, company, and it just seemed tired. But I miss my 3/8 of inch.

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