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Help for the extremely small?

Originally Posted by UserName86
that place is where i found this site. it has a link to here.

Mr. Penissizedebate cany be all bad if he’s linking to here. At least he is doing some good for no reward!

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“To Racheal Tinket & Janice Tang

You have all the right in the world to want a bigger dick.As I’m measuring pussy sizes (tightnesses and depths),I’m very interested in women like you,who say they need big dick to be satisfied.I bet that both of you would have very loose and sloppy vaginas in the vagina tightness scale range.I would
like to measure your pussies.It can be arranged.You then could be tattooted on the forehead, “good for only 10% of men,too loose otherwise”.I dare you to be measured.But your kind is always chicken shit.
As ,I keep saying to women like you “put your pussies where your mouth is”.But I agree on one of your premise, get rid of the loose pussied women of the world.

Now,that being said,are you really who you say you are ,two loose pussied women. Then the above is for you.If you are angry dykes,why not clear the lie,but
if you are PE promoters, I can just hope some people
beat you so bad someday that the rest of your lives are spent in a mental care home.And karma being the way it is,bet that it will happen to you.”

Parts of this excerpt were hillarious, while I don’t know exactly know how to take the “beat you so bad” part, nobody deserves that, but the loose and sloppy rips were just priceless. It would be interesting to meet these two women in real life, and observe them. I would tend to think just from their posts that their misery is self inflicted, more because of their own poor choices in natural selection and then after giving it up realized that they were miserable when the guy found them, miserable during the act and just as miserable after it was over and done with and only had to clean themselves up when the guy left them with no cuddling ? Hey I’ve made some bad calls too when it comes to women, but that doesn’t mean the next one that comes around, that just because she has similar dimensions to another, that I wouldn’t preclude that woman the opportunity to prove herself in bed. I had an idea going in that it was this bad, just a bunch of members of each sex wandering aimlessly thru life with wounded pride, but some of those posts, tends to suggest it’s far worse than I thought. My approach is to appreciate any of it for what I can. I hope I don’t encounter these types of women any time soon. Life’s too short for them. Take love where you can find it. Give and put as much of yourself into it as you can, at least you won’t ever have to apologize for not trying. Even in failure there is success.


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