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I don’t know the name for the fetish, but the dudes are called “cucks” as in, cuckolds. The semi-famous Multi-Orgasmic-Mary’s Husband likes to eat other men’s semen out of his wife’s crotch!

Make’s me feel kinda normal in comparison!

What you believe means nothing.

How you love means everything!

I thought it was called ‘cuckolding’

The Penis Size Debate website is linked to a pay PE site. I suspect it’s just an elaborate, and possibly effective, advertising stunt.

Okay, I’ve only skimmed the Debate website. Is there anything to suggest that it’s not backed by the Penis Health pay site?

Originally Posted by UlcasterDropout
I would give so much to meet that guy on the street.

We are in agreement on this one!

Versache, that line of thinking is called eugenics and was around before the nazis and is alive and well today still.

Only thing about that site I will say is I dont think the chart is so far off, if you could generalise massively like that I wouldnt disagree with it too much. Also it didnt used to link to any pay site, more recently its got a few links to books to help the poor little guy or some crap

Originally Posted by 67Mustang
Wow read this one. I dont know what to say, but that is sad. How do you think this guys ego feels deep down.

“I have an update since I was last on this sight. My wife and I have came to an agreement where that she can maintain a sexual relationship with her former husband who is of course much larger than myself….I wish I could give her what he does in the bedroom but that is not going to happen.”

Yeah, this sounds totally made up, and is classic cuckold fare. How do I know? Because I am a pervert and have read dozens of them. You can read about them at “” as well as a million other places.

Yeah, the dude who runs Penissizedebate is one cruel motherf-cker, and I do believe (as others have mentioned) he must be TOTALLY fucked in the head. And probably has a very small penis, which is no big deal, except it has totally warped his life, so now he is taking it out on everyone else. (Like the ULTIMATE cuckold… not satisfied in his own humiliation, he needs to multiply it by the thousands over the web. And people write into him about their misery, just fueling his perversion further, while he is whacking off like a madman between posting new links to fabricated science papers and anatomically-fucked diagrams of his own design…)

I mean it is one thing to read cuckold stories. (Like me!) It is another to WRITE them. I have never done that, but it isn’t too outrageous. But to go through the time and trouble to have a farce of a website, and representing stuff like it is scientific fact, and when you look at the nature of what he is saying — truly being cruel to thousands if not millions of men — this is one REEEALLYY fucked up cat.

But back to the matter at hand, I think posts like the one above are pure fantasy.


My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

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I bet he drives a rather flash sports car too, rumour has it the less endowed look for alternate ways to impress with something powerfull. So glad i have a Mini ;)

I suspect that site is actually just an elaborate troll. It’s not serious, it doesn’t take itself seriously. It just exists for the hits.

fresh out of the loony bin and back to PE! :D

I think was done for two reasons: a) the pleasure the author gets from humiliating guys b) making money. It looks like he started the site with no links to advertising, and because of the controversial subject matter he got everyone linking to him. With everyone linking to him he ranks higher in Google (Page rank of 4 last time I checked). Then after he has thousands of people linking to him, he puts on some advertisers links (where he gets paid a commission) and profits. Pretty sick if you ask me.

that place is where i found this site. it has a link to here.

I thought it automatically did it.

Originally Posted by UserName86

I thought it automatically did it.

That’s a great answer. Can you see me smiling?

"Debate the idea..."


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