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Help! erection problem from stretching?!?!


This is just from my personal experience: I once thought that PE caused ED, but now I know that my ED problems were all psychological. The more I thought about and tried to get an erection, the worse I got. It got to the point that I couldn’t relax enough to get an erection while trying to masturbate because all I thought about was trying to get hard. I talked to my doctor, and after he told me it was performance anxiety, I was fine. Well, kinda. I still had the occasional ED, but only because I thought about it.
Here’s what I did: I took two months off from PE. I didn’t even lurk here because I just needed to clear my head, relax, and gain my confidence back. Once I did, I had a chance to start PE again. I started slow and light the second time around.

5 minute hot wrap before and after workout

Week 1: 10 minutes of light jelqing
Week 2: 15 minutes of light/semi-medium jelqing
Week 3: 15 minutes of medium jelqing w/ light manual stretching (3 sets, 3 directions, 10 second pulls)
Week 4: 20 minutes of medium/hard intensity jelqing w/ manual stretching 15 seconds

And so on… This time around, I did things a little bit different. I took my time. I jelq at about 80% with each stroke about 2-4 seconds. I manual stretch by using my right hand to lightly pull out my wang, while using my left hand to pull at the base. I use to pull further up, about midway or little higher. I don’t know if this made a difference.
KEGELS. Ever since I started doing kegels, my erections have been diamond cutters…in the morning, night, whenever. I don’t know why this is, but once I finally learned how to really isolate my PC muscles, my hard-ons have been crazy. Maybe it’s just in my head, I don’t know.
Basically, my suggestion is to take some time off, gain back your confidence, and take things slow because the gains will come. By the way, I gained 1/8” for month one…WHOO HOO!!! :D


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