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Help! Am worried about loss of sensation.


Manual stretching is very hard on your penis, give it a break

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Fuck. I’m really freaking out now.

I’ve done some tests for sensitivity and there is definately some numbness. It seems to be more acute near the base.

Has nobody experienced nerve trauma like this? How long did it take to repair? Will it repair at all? Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Here is my 2 cents. DON’T PANIC, and give it some rest.

Reading this thread I can see you working yourself up stage by stage, while everyone around you is staying relaxed, and probably thinking like I am, it is mostly in your head. It is not like you have no sensation or can’t get erections — that is reason to see a doctor.

You just need to Rest and RELAX, physically and especially mentally.

That is my $.02,

Yeah, I guess I’m going to have to give it a total rest until I feel 100%.

Damn. This is so fucking annoying. I was making good steady gains.


\’A little loss of sensation comes with the game\’. Really? Can others verify this?

No. The only time you should feel any loss of sensation or numbness is maybe at the end of a very long stretching or hanging session, and even then it should be very minimal. You absolutely should not have any loss of sensation when you aren’t PE’ing. Piet is right, if you are experiencing loss of sensation during an off day or hours after your PE session, it’s definitely a sign of doing something wrong.

My guess would be that you’re applying too much pressure to your glans during the end of your jelq stroke and/or during manual stretching. I would recommend stopping your jelq stroke short of your glans - forget about trying to stretch during jelqing - and while manual stretching, move your grip back and clamp down a little more. Basically, always be cognisant of how much pressure is being applied to your glans, make sure it’s not much.

In the meantime take a break until the sensation comes back.

BTW Commander B

Your right. It is only partial, but still fucking scary. I don’t think I’m exaggerating anything in my head.


I do stop short of the glands when I jelq. I think the numbness I have may be from excessive stress on the dorsal nerve (?).

Originally Posted by ziggaman
I think the numbness I have may be from excessive stress on the dorsal nerve (?).

I would say your suspicion is probably right, pressure on the dorsal nerve is usually the culprit.

What kind of grip/where do you grip during manual stretching?

I tend to use different grips for different directions:

Left and Right: I use an overhand OK grip. Gripping a little bit below the glands.

Straight down and Straight out: I use a sort of hand clamp ie. The heal of my palm is just below/on the upper side of my glands, whilst the fingers reach over the glands and grip just below/on the frenelum (that is the stringy bit that bridges the underside of the glands to the shaft?)

Straight up: assisted OK grip.

Does the dorsal nerve heal up well?

Yep, don’t worry, nerves will heal, it just takes time. Try to keep as much pressure off that area as you can until the sensation returns.

Sounds like the “hand clamp” you’re using during SD and SO stretching is leading to the unwanted pressure. Try switching over to the overhand OK grip (as shown here) for SD and SO stretching.

Do you think nursing my weiner with a hot rice sock will help?

Give a few days with no touching allowing, before you start applying heat and doing very gentle wet jelqs for healing only.

I have just started stretching myself and was a little careless, so I will start with some good heat and even a few days off the jelqs and I will try out some light pumping. Fortunatly I have been in this situation before and I noticed very early.

The Holy PE Law says:
“The quicker you take the break, the shorter it will have to be.”

Thanks DD

Do you think that includes no jerking off? I theorized that maybe orgasms might be good for re-establishing nerve activity.

When you say you have been in this situation and noticed early. Where and how much did you experience numbness?

I loss some sensation also when I was doing a 5 day on and 2 day off routine. I laid off PE for 5 weeks and within two weeks got all my sensation back. I started up again two weeks ago and am doing a 2 on 1 off routine. This routine, so far, is not affecting my loss of sensation.

Hey Gomo

Thanks for your reply. I’m four days into my break and getting the sensation back slowly.

How much sensation did you lose, and where on your dick did you lose it?


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