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Hello there

Hello there

I just wanted to ask you guys for something.

Last few months it’s been too hard for my hands to do the stretches cause they’re getting more and more exhausting especially for my arms.

I wanted to ask you is there something like a hanger but which is pulling your penis upwards so the tunica could be attacked?

I mean at the beginnig my penis was ok with the force I do with my hands, but now it’s getting stronger and I can’t stretch it very well.

I hope you nderstand what I’m saying?

10x a lot:)

Check this out:

Redi-Stretcher PE Tool

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Any hanger (Bib, Redi-Stretcher, Captain’s Wench or other home made device, etc) can be positioned to pull your penis upwards. You may need a pulley or put the rope over some padding on your shoulder so you can hang OTS (over the shoulder). And if you don’t actually want to use weights, just grab the hanger and pull up. This will at least take the effort you were using for your grip and make it easier on your hands.


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