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Hello there

Hello there

I wanna ask you guys something.

I’ve being PEing from 01.09.2004.First what I was doing was a tunica attack exercises, after I stopped seeing any gains I changed to ligament exercises for about a month.After that I had to travel for 3 weeks so I stopped any PE.

Now after that “break” what should I do?What king of exercises?Thank you

I think you should start from the beginning again, work your way up - making sure your dick is ready for the more extreme exercises. Do newbie routine for about 2 weeks then re-ask this question :)

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

We really need more info before we can advise you. What was your routine before? The extent of your break was only 3 weeks?


My first routine was:
Warm up
10x1 inverted v-stretches
5x1inverted v-stretches a stretches
10 increasing to 20-25mins Wet jelq
50 5sec kegels

My second routine was ligament so:
10x1 BTC stretches (increasing to 20x1)
20mins wet jelq
20 Quick Squeezes (work up to 100) (2secs)
10 Long Squeezes (work up to 25) (5secs)
1 Super Squeeze (work up to 10) (60secs)

I would try starting from the beginning again.

So you mean to start tunica exersises?like the old ones or some new ones?



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