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Hello from not so new member!

Hello from not so new member!

Hello Everyone,

I have been using this info in this forum for some time now and have decided to quit lurking and participate. Let me fill you in on a little of my PE history.

I began sometime in the beginning of last year by signing on to a pay site. I do not have much to complain about the pay sites as they at least enlightened me to what was then a whole new concept, that the penis can actually enlarged. What? I thought, this has to be BS. Since this was always a dream of mine to get bigger I thought, what the f*** I’ll give it a shot. So I soon began the very limited regimen that they recommended.

As I began this routine I soon realized I had much more frequent erections and that I was harder and fuller than I had been in years(I’m currently 42). Well, hell, this alone was worth the money! After several weeks of what I thought was good solid work I soon lost my enthusiasm, the gains were just not coming. I soon dropped the program altogether.

Several months later I stumbled upon Thunders and immediately signed up, and what a difference it has made. After joining I began absorbing info and soon embarked on my second journey into PE. The first thing I noticed was the difference in all the information and various techniques. The pay site I was using was extremely limited. I mean really, their regimen was like 40 minutes every other day, limited to only basic stretching, wet jelqing and hot wraps. No wonder I got nowhere, I was not tapping my potential at all.

The second thing I noticed was all the great help and support you guys provide, it has been a real inspiration. Thanks to all of you who have been encouraging me and didn’t know it.

Well, anyway, in October I began again. It had been a while since any PE at all so I started slow, much the same routine as I was using before maybe with more intensity and time put in. I also increased the amount of days per week. After nearly 3 months of this my penis felt like it was in need of a good rest. Upon measuring I found I had gained about 1/4 inch. Though not a huge gain I felt happy with what I had accomplished especially since this was all on the newbie workout. I continued jelqing maybe once a week to cement/maintain.

One month ago while preparing to resume PE I did a premeasure and WTF! In my month off I’ve gained another 1/4 inch. I’ve remeasured several times to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I’m f***in’ more stoked than ever. I’ve started up again this time throwing in differerent techniques such as different stretches(A stretch, V stretch, JAI). I continue to do the same amount of jelqing ,about 30 minutes, but have added some Uli squeezes in between and after sets(Very nice pump). I’ve also increased the time spent during my evening workout,about 1 1/2 hours, as well as adding one or two extra 10 minute stretch routines, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I PE 3 days then rest 1. 2 days on rest 1. This seems to be working fine.

This current workout I think will make for good length gains as I seem to have noticeably grown since restarting. My wife has really noticed the difference this time around. I receive nice encouragement from her to keep up the good work as she knows all about the PE process. I do not have any problems that she seems to want a bigger dick, hell she’s only human and we both are getting something out of this. She wants me to concentrate on girth but I tell her she’ll have to wait til I make more length gains first.

I am still open to new ideas and techniques as with most of us PE will be ever evolving. For now I’m happy with the results I’ve gotten performing manual PE only. Who knows maybe in the future I’ll incorporate pumping or hanging.

Without this forum I probably would have given up on PE. Thanks to all of you out there.

Stat History

BPEL - 6” 3/4
EG - 4” 3/8

BPEL - 7” 1/4
EG - 4”5/8

Current Goal:
BPEL - 8”
EG - 5”

P.S. Thunder, I know its against policy but I really hate my username. It was just the first thing that popped in my head. Any way to change it?

Hello (Temporarilly) Stroker;

Send Thunder an email or a PM telling him what you want your new user name to be. Although he reads every post, he may not catch your PS at the end to him. Also, let us know what your new name is so we know whom we are talking with.

Glad to hear you are stoked. Gains often occur after breaks. Who knows why?

If you want to give pumping a try, read up on it in the Pumpers’ Forum. Lots of help offered there, too.




Congrats on the gains! Isn’t funny that when we least expect it, good things happen? That’s so cool that yout wife encourages you, good for you both!

My Current Stats: NBPEL : 7.5" BPEL: 8.0" EG : 6.0" GOAL ACHIEVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just Maintaining......


I’ve actually read up on hanging and pumping. If I attempt either one I would probably lean more to pumping your article on the subject pushes me in that direction. I want to get all the gains I can without a device first.


Yeah, I’m glad its out in the open with her. I hated sneaking around when I first started but I came clean pretty early on. Now she gives me the privacy I need to get a good workout. Its all good.

(Formerly Stroker)


Yeah it’s really great to have a place like thunders, I also doubt very much I would have stuck it out with out my thunders support group. If your looking into hanging I can say it’s a great way to PE because you can multi task. I have the bib it’s a great piece of equipment I have it on now trying to get an hour of hanging in before work.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Thanks Dino,

I’m not ruling anything out at this point. I know you and others who practice hanging have had great results. We’ll see what the future holds.

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