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Hello everyone! A few questions.

Hello everyone! A few questions.

I have been a member of this board for a while now. I first learned about PE at Like many people here, I have always felt insecure about my size. I even went as far as to have the surgery. I used Dr. Guenta in Virginia. I gained no length and my penis became lumpy because of the fat injections. I went back a year later and he removed the fat for me. Thank God my penis still looks normal. I really feel for the people that were disfigured because of this surgery. My heart goes out to them.

I began Jelqing about 20 minutes per day and I gained .5 ” BPEL. I began to get discoloration so I quit. It took many months but the discoloration finally went away. I have kept most of the length I gained. I recently decided that it would be better to have a large discolored penis than a small normal colored one. I am going to try and avoid it as much as possible though.

After all of this, my current measurements are 6.85 BPEL x 4.8 EG. I have decided to have hanging be my primary lengthining excercise. I do still include jelqing and girth excercises.

My lot is currently between 7 and 8. Would it still be of benefit to stretch my ligs or should I do all tunica stretching? My thought is to do both.
Also, I was thinking about hanging one day and then jelqing and girth excercises the next. Any thoughts or feedback on this routine?


Patience grasshopper. ;)

One of the more knowledgeable individuals will get around to answering your questions.

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Lig or Tunic, that be the question

It is the opinion of most here that one or the other should be done first. Your LOT is pretty low, not as low as mine, but low enough to probably work tunica first. With a low LOT ligs are not the limiting factor thus any lig work is really a waste of time, or so they say. Concentrate on the tunica first. I personally work on everything, but do as I say not as I do. I have almost unlimited time for PE. Time management is most folk’s biggest limiting factor.

Good Luck

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My advice first of all is to CHILL! Relax, be cool, man. Your starting measurements are in the normal/average range if not a little longer than average. Don’t let women play your chords like that. You are at a good starting point, better than most. Good luck in your endeavors and don’t be so hard on yourself as you have in the past.

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Unless your LOT is 6:00, BTC is not a waste of time. However, tunica work can actually raise your LOT. The thing is, hanging just every other day will make it tough for you to log enough hours to see any real differences from hanging. You probably need to do a bare minimum of 10 hours per week - actual hang time, that is, which means about 20 hours total time. Doing that only every other day would require you to devote about 6 hours of each day to hanging.

Stillwantmore gained 5/8” from hanging in just a few months - but he was hanging about 4 hours per day (actual hang time) x 5 days per week = 20 hours weekly. I believe that Bib did as much, if not more.

So, hanging for a couple hours every other day probably won’t do much for you - which is the reason my Bib Starter sits locked in my file cabinet (I have neither the time nor the privacy to use it effectively at this point).

If you really want to hang, and can only do every other day, I’d recommend that you try to get in at least 1.5 hours actual hang time each session (about 3 hours total per hang day), and include manual stretching & other PE on your “off” days. That should get you some gains.

Thanks for the feedback.

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