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Hello everybody

Hello everybody

Hello, my name is Josip.

This is my first post on this forum.

I have been PEing since 2000. My routines always consisted of jelquing and girth exercises plus Pc exercises.

From 6.9 in length I´ve reached 8.1-3. Now I want to focus on girth.

Since I have never stretched seriously let me ask you guys, have you noticed girth gains (at the base of the penis at least) from stretching ?
I heard It worked for some people in the past.

Lately I decided to include pumping in my routine to help with the girth.
Due to my geographical location I have to purchase one on line. I´m still wondering where to get one. Moreover, I cannot receive it at home (I don´t live alone) So I´ll have to create a P.O. Box or something and hope that the custom officers of this country where I am currently living do not keep it for inspection or something. I would be emabarassed if I had to explain them what is the “pump” for.

Ideas/suggestions are always welcomed.

I´ll talk to you later, cheers.


Welcome to Thunders, you have made some nice gains there are a lot of good threads on girth the horse squeeze is my favorite.

Sorry I cant help you with that pump thing we have a pumpers forum I’m sure they can suggest a good one.


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Welcome to the forums Josip. I have seen you around over at the near-dead “other forum”, and I’m glad to see that you’ve discovered Thunder’s. I am sure you will find Thunder’s to be much better and livelier.

Hello Josipbrozus, welcome aboard! It’s always great to have new members with previous PE experience.

I have seen girth gains at the base of my dick from hanging. I haven’t done much girth work, so I know the gains are from hanging. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out this thread for the all-star girth exercises.

Again, welcome to Thunder’s. I’m looking forward to posting with you in the future.

whats up.

Welcome. Are you afraid someone else will open the package if you receive it at home? The companies who sell these things tend to package them completely discreetly.

Please :donatecar to Thunder's Place to keep it running.

Hi josip welcome to thunders. As helluvastud said these thing’s usually come discreetly packaged. And if anyone asks you what it is just tell them it’s a Christmas present for them and you can’t let them see it. Just be sure to keep it well hidden.


Welcome aboard mate. In the pumpers forum there are directions on how to make a reasonable pump from store-bought items that no one will suspect, a possibility if all else fails you. Customs has seen my stuff often and most don’t really care (I live on a boat, practically every foreign port searches when I arrive). A few have found an interest after finding that the stuff really does work, and I have had a fun time talking with them about it.

As far as base girth, I used to be exactly 6” girth everywhere. After stretching and pulling I am now 7” at the base and a bit over 6” girth elsewhere. So I would have to say stretching can make base girth increase, mine did. Good luck, and I look forward to future posts!

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Well, I am amazed, I did not expect so many replies…I mean, so quickly…

Yes, compared to the other forum this one is “alive”

Thank you guys!!!

I hope to make new friends here.

Let me tell you that this is not my first language, so if you find any weird mistakes you know why…(but don´t worry my understanding of the language is perfect)

By the way, where´s the pumpers forum? I have not seen it yet…


Welcome Bro.

7 x 7 1/2 NBPEL

Shooting for 8 x 7 NBPEL

Your English seems perfect to me. Even better than some of the native English speakers. :D

Here’s the Pumper’s Forum. Enjoy!

sorry for the obvious question, I´ve just found the pumpers forum

Welcome too Josip, tons of good girth exercises here. Hope you have lots of time to read all the posts on increasing girth, could take months….

Re: !!!!!!

Originally posted by josipbrozus
Well, I am amazed, I did not expect so many replies…I mean, so quickly…

Why the surprise?

You are a member of the finest PE forum that exists.



Hey josipbrozus, glad you could make it over here.

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