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Hello all

Hello all

Hi all, new to the forum here. I’m pretty new to PE. The only PE I’ve done is very sporadic pumping for the last year, gained a quarter inch in length, nothing in girth. I should tell you, I tried jelqing for about 3 minutes once and thought it was a crock (man, I know different now) I thought how can something so similar to masturbating make you grow? Never tried it again.

So, I have a new g/f, I decide to start pumping again, at the same time I start buying the ingredients I see being used in those penis pills and volume pills. Back in the swing of PE’ing in my own amateur way, I decide to check for any new sites out there, I come across this penismagazine site and start checking out all of their links. I decide to buy this power jelq thing. As I wait for it to come in the mail, I say to myself, the only way I’m gonna know if this thing works is if I measure myself now (deductive reasoning at it’s best) So I measure erect before pumping, after pumping, several times a day for days…the same measurements every single time.

6.5” BPEL x 5” midshaft x 5.5” base over and over, no matter what I did, same measurements. So, I have my official measurements. We’ll see if this thing works I thought, if not, their gonna hear from me.

The power jelq comes, I quickly put it together and off I go. After about 10 minutes using it, I take a measurement…WTF??? I look and take it over & over I’m at 7” now 5.5” midshaft and 6.1/16” base. I figure ok, it’s the effect of all this squeezing, can’t be permanent. I’ll have to wait and see if it is.

The next morning, sore dick in hand, I get it rock hard, take a measurement and there it is, same new measurements, I’m thinking now ok it’ll go away in a few days, especially if I don’t use it anymore. I wait two days, have sex within those two days, in which I might add my g/f complains I’m too hard for her to get me down her throat, I tell her relax, go slower, you’ll acclimate…she does, but not without complaining “What did you do to it”? It’s so hard! I felt like a giddy kid inside, I’m thinking to myself, this is just too good to be true.I go home, measure again…still there.

I’m like freakin out now thinking, how the hell??? This can’t be possible, a half an inch gain overnight??? Freaky. At that rate, I’ll have to hire someone to carry it for me in a few months.

I don’t know exactly what jelqing is doing to your penis when your doing it, but I believe it’s supposed to be breaking down tissue, so that when your body rebuilds it, it’s bigger, least that’s what I got from reading at this forum and the power jelq’s forum.

I decided to join this forum first because I liked the atmosphere here and wanted to give and receive knowledge and experience on more then just the power jelq device and it’s uses. So, here I am. Though I will definitely be posting over at the power jelq forum to let them know, that thing rocks.

I also ran out as fast I could and built Capt. Hook’s wench (the man’s a genius) Had my first hang last night, went very well thanks to you Capt. great device! Was surprised I could start off with more then 5 lbs. put 10lbs. on, but found that too much for me, so a trip to Modell’s and I have some good hand weights of varying sizes to try.

Well guys, wish me luck, as I wish all of you.

Hi EZ. Welcome to the Forums. Nice first post. You just might want to find the return key more often — things kind of get crammed together without it.

There has been a lot of discussion here about the Power Jelq. Do a search, if you like, and you’ll see many threads. You already have yours, but I made a perfectly servicable Power Jelq myself for around seven dollars using a canning jar lifter and some closed cell foam pipe insulation.

Welcome to the board. Maybe you broke loose some plaque that was preventing a rock hard erection. Whatever the case, 1/2” in a day must be really exciting. :)

Hi guys, thanks for the welcome. Sorry about the cramming, it looked so nice when I made it, but when I posted it,
it looked different. I’m new to forums in general, having only used a gaming forum once but it was set up different.
I’ve read the rules regarding posting and think I have that down pretty good but is there somewhere that shows
you how to use icons, make paragraphs look nice, make a sig…etc.?

I will definitely check out threads regarding the power jelq, since you have a similar device Ike, I was wondering if
you ever tried anything like this.
While I was doing my first session I thought wow, shaft is really thickening up nicely, but what about the tissue
around the base and even that hidden tissue below the pubic bone. So I started a lil below midshaft and began to
push down towards the base, whoa!!! the base got huge and I could feel the tissue below the bone really plump up.
You have to open the PJ a little as you get towards the base especially if you happen to be thicker at the base to begin with.
Now I always throw this into my PJ sessions.

I think your definitely right about the plaque hobby, excited ain’t the word, since then I can’t stop thinking about PE,
I have to admit I really never thought it was possible, I thought only pumping could do anything for you because
knowing the cc was like a sponge it just made so much sense, I got a 1/2” gain from pumping in length with extremely
lil effort if you factor in how much time I really gave it. Now I feel like I just bought a new car, well, least
I think that’s how it would feel, having only bought new used cars all my life I can only guess lol

Now I’m a firm (no pun intended) believer in jelqing and last night marks my second manual jelqing session
(before this I had only been using the PJ for jelqing) now I’m gonna combine digital with it.
For now, I think this makes sense,
I’ll manual jelq for 15min. followed by PJ for 15min. followed by pumping for 15-20min. I think I’ll hang every other session
after PJ’ing but before pumping for 15-30min. Judging from a lot of other posts this may sound more like a maintenence program
to some with guys doing this for 4 hours a day, well I just don’t have that kind of time on my hands what with a full time job
a lot of overtime and a new g/f I’m very much in love with.
Besides, I really think from reading a lot of the vet’s posts here that 15-20min. per method is best.

The only thing I know for sure when it comes to PE is heat is an absolute must. Can you believe when I first started pumping I didn’t
use any? As you can imagine, I got a lot of those red dots and broken cappilaries, now there are virtually none. I think ideally a hot tub would be the deal, a 3 foot high one would be great for hanging, really get those ligs relaxed. If I ever get one I’ll let you know.
Think, you would never have to even lube either lol.

Welcome aboard, EZ.

Go over the forums and read. There’s a lot of valuable info on hand, more what all these other pay sites could offer anyways, for free. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions. Good luck.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Thank you Uncut, glad to be here, I haven’t been able to stop reading since I found this forum, it’s fantastic, the regulars here are really cool, I never would of thought it was like this, fantastic.

I assume from your name, that your uncut as I, if you have any hanging tips or any tips at all for those who are uncut, I’d appreciate it, links to previous posts you may have made regarding this would be great.

This forum blows away any pay site, I tried one a long time ago. Didn’t even begin to come close.

Just saying welcome and nice post.
It’s funny - your structure went from looking like a traffic jam to resembling Robert Frost all in the space of one post.
Ike can have that effect on people :)


Thanks Capt. so glad to be here. :) Robert Frost, lol, well, not yet, but I’m definitely trying, can’t thank you enough for your invention, ever think of marketing it, say for the guys in the UK who seem to be having trouble coming up with the parts?

I’ve done some minor mods, more aesthetics then anything, I’ll post in the wench thread soon, sort of not done experimenting yet, fun stuff, nothing like a little tinkering with something to stir the soul.

Thanks a lot Thunder, I can almost post like a pro now!!!:blue:

Did you see that? The vets are talking to me, I feel so honored!!!:clap:

Originally posted by EZ Rider

nothing like a little tinkering with something to stir the soul.

Careful EZ. That’s how I ended up married at 25 yrs old.


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