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Height vs. Length vs. Girth Project

Ok, I’ve been thinking about all of this and it seems the increments of .3 ” every 3 ” taller is right on the money if someone wants a simple answer to this 10 years old thread. In the second group of 74 + vs the second group of less taller men at 71, 72, 73 there’s a difference of .4676. It is higher than the .3 estimate but I was pretty generous in my survey. Also, the group of 74+ consist of more variables but not many more, there is one entry at 79 and another one at 78, for the rest its close to being group 74, 75, 76.

Doing the input I was a tiny bit underwhelmed to be honest but there is, I think, a clear indication that height, most likely, will factor in into a bigger unit at first glance. Always keep in mind that most women likes tall men and if you present them pictures of different shapes of men, according to some vanilla studies, women prefer overall tall men with relatively bigger unit. Also the estimate of 7” for the 74, 75, 76 is just an average.

Ultimately, I know people won’t like it but all of this and the analysis on post 463 seems to indicate that taller is a factor. It also seems logical also to take for instance a cute girl with 6’5” male. The guy is more likely packing at least 7.5. Think about the perspective of 6’5” male with a 5.5 unit? Hopefully, size is not all that matter quite honestly, knowledge is also very important. Knowledge of your partner(s).

Overall, I was generous in my input, there is very few way to measure exactly everyone, the main reason why I didn’t bother with girth, way too complicated to get a precise answer that is for sure and keep in mind, the portion of data I took was from page 43 to 30. That timeline of 2010 to 2016 coincided for being some sort of golden age of pumping accessories designed for enhancement, the info is also more available. Even if the study said before PE it doesn’t matter if people didn’t comply, you loose a bit of edge over time, if you smoke, not being active. Doing PE will help regain that lost edge. So overall, yes but how many factors there is?

Height: 68.4”
(Wt. 147)

BPEL: 8”

EG: 5.5” (base: 6.5”)

Height: 178 cm (70)

NBPEL: 18 cm (7)

MEG: 15.4 cm (6)


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