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Height vs. Length vs. Girth Project

Originally Posted by ssa5522

Ok, so I already did a bunch of analysis data. The thing is its in an excel document and I don’t know how to attach it!!!

Can you export it as a PDF file?

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Height: 67.3”

PE Length: 5.5”

PE girth: 4.5”

Ok so I tried the zip file but it is not working. I won’t do it on a pdf file because the calculators I attached wont work there, only on excel. Don’t worry I’ll keep trying, I think it has to do with my computer….

Height: 68”

Length: 5.5”

Girth: 4.5”

Height: 73”

Pre PE Length: 6.5”

Pre PE Girth: 5.1”

Height: 77 inches

Length: 7.25 inches

Girth: 6 inches

Height: 72

Length: 7.283

Girth: 5.5

Height: 75

Length: 6

Girth: 5

Height 69”

BPEL: 6.8”

BP EG: 5”

Height: 71
Pre PE EL 7.25
Pre PE EG 5.25

Great thread this really puts things into prospective. Wow!

Height 72

Pre PE EL 5.5

Pre PE EG 4.1

Height 66”

Pre PE BPEL 6.5”

Pre PE EG 4.0”

June 1st: Nbpel: 6.1 Sept 18th08: Nbpel: 6.2

Eg: 4.0 Eg: 4.5

Height 74.8”

BPEL 6.7”

EG 5.6”

Height 71

Pre PE EL 6.5

Pre PE EG 4.875

Height: 71”

Pre PE BPEL: 7”

Pre PE EG: 4.75”


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