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7 inches! 7 inches! All hellz yeah

I’ve been using bennett8’s 12 point modified V stretch, 5-6 times daily 2-inch Growth Comparative Pictures and occasional jai stretching and I’ve gained .25”
This is incredible however, this is only when I stretch my flaccid, I could only get a 6.5 inch erection before and I can only get a 6.5 inch erection now NBP. I’ve never had a non-bendable rock hard member and I’m a young guy. I’m probably going to use kitsnmore’s liquid C to jumpstart the fellow. It’s a bittersweet moment, I’ve gained but I can’t quite reap the rewards because my dick just won’t grow to its full potential. I’ve also been kegeling, 50 quicks and 50 holds (10 secs) a day. I can feel the difference, it is working but I guess it just is not developed enough yet. I’ve laid off the supplements since the kidney stones (and there have been no further developments of these vile things) but I will soon be back on pygeum, Nox2, carlson’s fish oil, and maybe a multivitamin. Anyway just thought I’d share the news, anyone care for a drink? I’m buying

this is incredible, unfreaking believable!!!



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Yes, that must have been it. Way to steal the thunder out of my excitement ;)


Congratulations, crazyd, although it’s only a flaccid stretch I am sure it is a sign of erect growth.
Keep up the great work, it’s obviously paying off!

And sorry to bother you, but I am interested in how long you were you doing bennett8’s stretches? And how long does one stretch last.
I mean is it left hand pulls up and the right down at the base for 5 seconds , ten..?

Hey thanks!

And your not bothering me, no worries, in fact I like the attention ;)

Alright enough messing around this is from the big man himself,
“I’d like to respond to Klayton’s question about the time. I hold each position up to about 30 seconds, but usually it is about 10 seconds. My theory is a little bit done frequently adds up to a whole lot. I experimented with pulsing the stretch to shock it. Kind of like pulling really, really hard and then less hard in 2-second intervals. But this seemed to create more pain and I thought that more damage was being done than necessary, so I stopped this approach. Just the stretch and hold seems good.” -Bennett8

It’s in the thread I provided but it’s buried, I just happened to copy and paste it in a compilation of PE things I find interesting. I have been doing his routine for roughly 2 weeks 5-6 times daily just like he asks. My penis is sore after the 4th time I do it (within 24 hours). I’ve also on occasion done jelqing and frequently have done Jai stretching. The “use LH to pull down and RH to pull up” I go ahead and do that in addition to using my LH to pull down and RH to push down with V stretch. It really gives a nice stretch, I hold that guy for a while, oh and I’m also in a split just with that step not the others (protoblaster Splits gave the best flacid stretch ever). Anyway hope I’ve been of some help, any questions feel free to ask.

Best of Luck,


Originally Posted by ThunderSS
It’s my job.

And a job well done I might add, now can I buy you a drink? You bring the thunder, I’ll bring the lightning. :woot2:


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