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Heating All Day Long?

Heating All Day Long?

I was thinking… Increased blood flood is so important. Right? And doesn’t our penis have a tendancy to go cold after all of our exercises? Even a good warm down only works for so long.

From my personal experience, I have a penis that gets cold and shrivels up after a good session. Heat works, but only during the time of application. A sock full of rice works great, and an IR lamp has good reviews. But who can use that for hours after a workout to keep blood flow? I can’t.

It may seem taboo, but I haven’t seen this spoken about here. Heating pads that are chemically activated to heat the groin area. The only thing is, is they are designed for women with cramps! I don’t think that matters much personally. This heat in the groin are would keep the ligs loose, keep blood flow to the penis, and help recovery come in an elongated, “plump” state.

This is a theory, but I am going to check it out. I hope I don’t get a chemical burn or something. But I really believe it would help.

Here’s the product I was thinking about using:


Goal: 9" BPEL x 6.5" EG

Current Stats: 7.125" BPEL x 5.5" EG

So how is it working, I think they also use these things in gloves too

BPEL: 6.20" BPEG: 4.55" 9/1/2004

Currently 6.95" x 4.75" (5" at base)

Be careful man! Keep in mind that if you end up heating your testicles also, your sperm count will go down..


Going along the lines of heat being important, would it be beneficial or detrimental to use heat on your days off of PE?

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I back up on Gland master’ s words: heat on balls= sperm count down.

What works for me:
Before work out I warm up with a rice sock for at lest 10 min.
After work out, I “warm down” with a wet cloth that i wrap around my cock and leave it there for about 20 min. as it cools down. This may my penis doesn’t shrivel.


Maybe you should change your name to Coldduck?

Just wearing briefs or boxer briefs that keep your cock against your body should be enough I would think.

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