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Heat to prevent injuries and promote growth

Heat to prevent injuries and promote growth

I am looking for ideas on how to heat myself while hanging. I know some of you are going to want to reiterate the use of the rice sock but I don’t have a microwave in my bedroom nor do I have the place to put one. With kids in the house, it would look odd to see Daddy using the microwave every 25 minutes or so.

I like to see if some sort of electric blanket could be used. Such a heating blanket would have to small width to wrap around the shaft and be able to secure. I could really see how it would be handy to have a wrap that would provide heat that would be placed under the Bib Hanger during hanging. I am waiting for my guitar string to heal and I believe it could have been minimized or entirely avoided if I have a good heating source like this. I would also guess it would promote my growth from hanging to some degree. I have tried a infrared lamp but that is a bit cumbersome. It would even be a bonus to have an electric wrap that is put on behind the hanger meaning not to be compressed by the hanger. That would likely provide enough heat for the entire shaft.




I’ve been wanting to accomplish a similar goal; here’s what I’ve thought of. It may be plausible to clip a strip of heating pad for a custom fit around your unit. You could use Velcro strips to fasten it. I’m not sure what the inside of a heating pad looks like, but maybe with some studying, this could be the way to go.

What about the use of a plain old table lamp? I’ve tested the heat off such a thing and it is fine and one with a swivel head can be positioned as you like.

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I use a blow dryer on medium heat setting and hold 8-12 inches away to heat up. This can be done before and during stretching exercises.

I use an electric fan heater, works a treat. Similar to a blow drier, though quieter.

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How about a food thermos with a couple of rice socks in it?

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Same exact wish here man!

I bought one of those electric heat pads once and tried to cut it to fit, but it got sloppy and was too bulky.

Right now I have to use wash cloths which suck. I’d love someone to make a wrist heater that you could velcro around, or something like that. Something stealthy…

8.5'' here we come!


There are smaller electric pads which throw enough heat when wrapped completely around your hanger encased unit to need dialing back- I think mine is by HomeMedics.


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Get an IR Lamp from home depot.. like they put on top of lizards cages, and a folding chair. Clamp the light to the folding chair, point it on the hanging area and relax. You could even hold it there real close if you want max heat.

I gave up hanging for the time being - but I got killer fatigue using the lamp for the first 10 minutes of the set, then turning it off for the last 10. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


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